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Croda host several e-seminars throughout the year covering a wide variety of topics; From the latest market trends, to the newest testing capabilities. These educational e-seminars strive to offer something for everyone.

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Seeing is Believing - Instant Skin Gratification with Prolevis With consumer education and experiential expectations at an all-time high, join Croda as we delve into the rebellion against unattainable beauty ideals in the quest for ‘real’ results whilst investigating how our interactions with technology are influencing our sense of self. In a world of abundant sensory stimuli, for a time-pressed population seeking instant gratification, seeing is believing when it comes to skin care formulations. In this new eSeminar, Croda explore how insight into three key megatrends has been harnessed to inspire Prolevis, an innovative new skin care ingredient delivering instant results. English 60 mins Login/Register
The Science Behind Hair Damage Repair Consumers are very much aware of the aesthetic consequences resulting from hair damage. Hair that is damaged becomes dull, frizzy and more difficult to style. A plethora of products for repairing hair damage is available to the consumer and formulators are working diligently to surmount the challenge of creating ever-more-effective offerings. However, one aspect of hair damage has remained unfixable to all but the almighty cutting shears: split ends. That is until now. Learn about damaged hair market trends, hair anatomy and types of damage, chemistries that prevent/repair damage (including split ends) and formulating guidance. English 45 mins Login/Register
REAL Deal: A New Reality for Beauty Consumers are becoming disillusioned with images of manufactured beauty. The airbrushed, over-edited, and often impossibly-perfect visuals that have dominated the beauty industry are facing a backlash that demands a new approach: realness. Our Insights team invites you to learn how a shift in consumer attitude towards being real is impacting perceptions of beauty and what this could mean for your business. Join us live as we explore the evolving world of real beauty. Topics covered will include: Really Honest – Demands for transparency and openness across the world have made it more difficult to hide, creating an opportunity for brands to step-up to new expectations. Really My Own Self – A social cry that being yourself is the best way to be beautiful, and what this means to consumers trying to enhance who they are - or hide who they’re not. English 45 mins Login/Register
The Multi-faceted Woman: Understanding Future Beauty Trends Today more than ever, the image of women is multi-faceted, and her relationship with her own image is more complex. In Croda’s new eSeminar “The Multi-faceted Woman: Understanding future beauty trends” we gaze into the future with an in-depth discussion on the direction of beauty trends and what this means for your business. The eSeminar will focus on three emerging beauty trends: •Prismatic – seeing beauty from various angles and through multiple lenses •Glocal – the hybridity of culture and geography •Mask – how aspirations define our public and private faces Join Christopher Bannister-Bailey, Brand Specialist Personal Care, for the final trends eSeminar for 2013 from Croda. English 60 mins Login/Register
Now, New, Next: Consumers inspiring new ingredient innovation As more and more consumers become educated and expert in beauty products, brands need to go beyond expectation and provide fulfilling consumer experiences. But, where to begin? Finding a space to innovate is a start and in this presentation from Croda Personal Care and Actives, we will look at how a consumer focus and looking outside the beauty category can drive ingredient innovation to deliver something unexpected. English 45 mins Login/Register
Effortless Cleansing: Make-up Removal Solutions The skin cleansing market is influenced by a number of cosmetic trends from all over the world. In Croda’s new eSeminar “Effortless Cleansing: Make-up Removal Solutions” we focus on current and new technologies in the market and provide you with solutions to meet growing consumer needs. We will be looking at the various systems available in skin cleansing and demonstrate both the performance and consumer benefits that can be delivered through using different approaches to the removal of make-up. Join Adam Young, Skin Care Marketing, for an overview of the facial skin cleansing market with ways Croda can help you deliver innovative cleansing solutions to meet consumer needs. English 38 mins Login/Register
Survival Kit: Formulating for the Modern Man Join formulating and marketing experts in this formulating-focused follow-up to our Male Grooming Trends presentation as they discuss novel product formats, key ingredients and technologies sure to inspire your product development projects. English 40 mins Login/Register
Survival of the Modern Man: Trends in Male Grooming Whoever said being a man was simple is unaware of the increasing complexity that modern men encounter in today’s society. We invite you to learn how the changing economic and social attitudes towards masculinity are impacting male grooming habits and what this means for your business. This eSeminar will focus on three emerging trends: •Survival Mode – how a competitive job market is changing the male face •Competitive Narcissism – how social networks are adding to aesthetic pressures •Modern Masculinity - how men are re-establishing masculinity fusing tradition with gender exploration English 60 mins Login/Register
Stepping Up to Meet Customer Expectation for Sustainable Palm The use of responsibly sourced palm oil that is certified for Mass Balance production by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) addresses both social and environmental issues associated with Palm Oil and represents a significant step change in supporting the use of Sustainable Palm Oil in Personal Care ingredients English 40 mins Login/Register
Blurred Lines: Trends in the UV Skin Protection Market Through understanding and research, our relationship with the sun has evolved in recent years. Now more than ever before, consumer needs are a powerful influence in the development of treatments for different skin types, as the lines between sun protection and skin care become increasingly blurred. This new eSeminar from Croda, “Blurred Lines: Trends in the UV protection market” will outline global macro trends that can provide new market opportunities for UV protection. Three key focus trends are discussed that review the ideas of enhanced personal well-being, the use of format and feel to create better convenience products and finally, how cultural differences born from our heritage can change our perspective on skin protection needs. English 60 mins Login/Register
Looking Great Everyday: The Care behind new Hair Trends This presentation is delivered by our Brand Specialist, Chris Bannister-Bailey and will show how global trends in hair and lifestyle can provide opportunities for new hair care products. Reviewing current and growing drivers, three new areas for opportunity are outlined that take in ideas of empowered creativity, holistic wellness and natural hair dynamics. English 60 mins Login/Register
Solaveil ™ XT-40W English 9 mins Login/Register