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VERSATHIX™ – Rheology Versatility

VERSATHIX is a versatile rheology modifier that is suitable for use in a variety of surfactant systems, including sulfate-free systems, that can be more challenging for the formulator to thicken. It provides efficient viscosity building and thickening capabilities coupled with shear thinning. VERSATHIX enables formulators to easily control their formulation’s rheology properties, which are essential to satisfying consumer expectations about product behavior.

Major benefits:

  • Superior shear thinning behavior
  • Outstanding thickening efficiency, even in sulfate-free systems
  • Cold processing
  • Low pH stability
  • Salt tolerance

Unique features:

  • Outperforms many commercial thickeners
  • Excellent for clear systems
  • Neutral effect on foam & feel properties

See Versathix™ in action in the Honey Scoopable Shampoo - click below to watch the video now!

Versathix Screen Grab 2


Comparative Rheology & Shear Thinning Behavior

As a superior rheology modifier, VERSATHIX is able to deliver an additional benefit over other thickeners. The chart below shows how thickeners perform in one of our tested sulfate free bases (Croda Green) in response to increased shear. VERSATHIX consistently exhibits impressive shear thinning behavior in this base and also traditional systems (ALES & SLES).

Rheology is important in formulations because it contributes to features such as viscosity, sedimentation stability, thermal stability and flow behavior under shear. Many thickeners can help to deliver most of these benefits, however it is more difficult to achieve the shear thinning behavior that enables a rich, thick product in a bottle that flows easily and spreads nicely during use. In comparing the shear thinning properties of various thickeners, it is important to note the curves of the viscosity lines in response to the increased shear rate. An ideal shear thinning response would show a line that stays relatively stable until the point where it dips smoothly. This indicates that the product remains thick until a reasonable increase in shear causes it to thin, at which point a thick formulation will become pourable for use.

Thickening Comparison

Sulfate free systems are typically difficult to thicken. The chart below shows that VERSATHIX gives the most efficient thickening in the sulfate-free bases tested: Croda Green and APG.