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Kerestore™2.0: Biomimetic Keratin

Kerestore 2.0 is a new keratin quat that takes biomimetics to the next generation. Developed using the most recent advances in proteomics, the amino acid sequences of the peptides found in Kerestore 2.0 match those present in the keratin proteins found in cuticular and cortical regions of human hair.

Combining the best of science and nature, Kerestore 2.0 is a highly substantive conditioning active that provides targeted care to the most damaged areas of the hair's surface.

Major Benefits: 

  • Highly specialized, keratin derived conditioning agent
  • Intelligently treats the most damaged areas of the hair
  • Substantive to hair

Unique Features:  

  • Matches Peptides present in human hair
  • Targeted using our cationic chemistry
  • Developed using the most recent advances in proteomics


ToF-SIMS Technique

If the hair is analyzed from root to tip, it is found that the degree of damage to the cuticle increases as you move along the hair fiber. The root has the least amount of damage of any section of the hair. Meanwhile, repetitive combing, drying, straightening and curling can all start to impact upon the health of the mid-section of the hair and after months of exposure to hair colorants, chemical treatments and various styling treatments, the hair tip has the most cuticular damage.

Imaging Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy (ToF-SIMS) is a technique which provides detailed information about the surface chemistry of human hair by allowing the deposition of actives on the hair fiber to be visualized. This high resolution mass spectroscopy technique was used to identify and map the deposition of Kerestore 2.0 along the hair fiber.

The hair surface becomes progressively more anionic from root to tip as the degree of damage increases. The use of imaging ToF-SIMS has shown that the cationic Kerestore 2.0 deposits preferentially at the most damaged areas of the hair's surface; intelligently restoring the hair cuticle. 

European hair tresses were bleached and then either left untreated or treated with an aqueous solution of 5% Kerestore 2.0. The image map for the tresses treated with Kerestore 2.0 shows the deposition of the active at the most damaged areas of the hair's surface, proving Kerestore 2.0 goes right to where it is needed most.

Kerestore 2.0 Treatment  

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