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Arlamol™ LST - Light Silky Touch

Complete your formulation aesthetics with this sensory driven emollient with a light, silky, touch. The ether chemistry of this super fluid gives it broad pH tolerance and compatibility with actives for overall formulation versatility.

Major Benefits:

  • Light, dry emollience
  • Reduces tackiness
  • Can be used in low or high pH systems
  • Reduces whitening effect in antiperspirant salts
  • Efficient pigment wetting

Unique Features:

  • High skin spreading
  • pH stable ether chemistry
  • High % natural content

Typical Properties

Sensemol LST Typical Properties

Tack Reduction

To assess whether ARLAMOL LST would help with reducing tack in formulation we first assessed its performance at 20% in petrolatum compared to 100% petrolatum. The ability of ARLAMOL LST to reduce tackiness is measured by how much adhesion we see of the cotton ball to the test sample. Figure 1 shows the results of the cotton ball test.


Figure 1: Cotton Ball Test: 100% Petrolatum (left) and 80/20% Petrolatum/ARLAMOL LST (right).

In addition, a panel study was conducted on an emulsion to see if the reduction of tackiness could be perceived by an average consumer. A simple formulation with 5% ARLAMOL LST was compared to the same formulation without ARLAMOL LST. Twenty two panelists evaluated the formulations on the forearm, applying the same amount and rubbing it in simultaneously to determine which one they thought was stickier to the touch. A majority of the panelists chose the formulation with ARLAMOL LST to be less tacky (16 out of 22).

Pigment Wetting

ARLAMOL LST was evaluated as a pigment wetting agent against CROMOLLIENT™ DP3A and LIQUIWAX™ DICDD, two emollients commonly used to disperse pigments, as well as CRODAMOL™ SFX, another high spreading, light feeling ester. A pigment grind for each was created using 65% emollient and 35% D&C Red #7 Calcium Lake. A TiO2 grind was created using 60% emollient with 40% TiO2 powder. The lower the viscosity of the pigment grind, the better the product’s ability to spread over the pigments and to displace air around the pigments.


ARLAMOL LST is an excellent pigment wetting agent, outperforming CROMOLLIENT DP3A and CRODAMOL SFX. It also has the highest skin migration value or ability to spread over the skin quickly, providing a lighter overall skin feel. LIQUIWAX DICDD is the best pigment wetting agent tested but it has a lower skin migration value making it better suited to lipsticks or applications where less migration is desirable.

Arlamol LST
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