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e-Seminar programs

Croda hosts several e-seminars throughout the fall and spring of the year covering a wide variety of topics. From the latest market trends, to the newest testing capabilities, these educational courses strive to offer something for everyone.

Below is a listing of our Spring 2015 event series. Information about our Fall 2015 event series will be posted soon. Stay tuned!

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Skin Care

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Facing the Environment Beautifully

Our environment. We read and hear about it, we are surrounded by it and our skin suffers from it! 

Skin is constantly exposed to a wide range of external aggressors against which its natural defenses are no longer sufficient. Pollution, air-conditioning, stress, poor diet, tobacco, excessive exposure to the sun, various forms of radiation and everyday climatic conditions all weaken the body’s natural shield, leading to unpleasant and undesirable effects including premature aging and hypersensitivity. 

Join us for this live event, that will explain and discuss:

  • Effects of various environmental aggressions
  • Recent scientific findings in this area
  • Practical approaches for cosmetic applications
February 25, 2015 at 2pm (New York) Log in to watch recording
Skin Care

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Achieving a Blemish-Free Complexion

Blemishes are unwelcomed by adults and teenagers alike. The majority of the population experiences acne-prone skin at some point in life, and represents a major market in the United States. Whether you are formulating OTC acne treatments or companion products designed for blemish control, there are a variety of approaches for perfecting the complexion. 

Join us for this live event, that will discuss:

  • Key consumer focus group learnings (Current consumer use habits)
  • Concept formulations designed for acne-prone skin (Address key skin issues such as skin dryness)
  • Increasing performance of key actives (Create more effective formulations)

March 18, 2015 at 2pm (New York) Log in to watch recording

Personal Care

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Future-Cast: Beauty Trends 2016

Opportunities to connect with consumers are dwindling, making the right messaging key to capturing their limited attention. In this market climate, understanding shifts in consumer attitudes are key to engaging with them for greater sales success. 

Through collaboration with a premiere global trends agency, Crodarom translates current megatrends in consumer attitudes, fashion and design into predictions for future cosmetic development. This year’s forecast focuses on exchanges and connections – with nature, the environment, our cultural pasts, and the richness of personal experience. 

Join us to learn more about how changing consumer attitudes will impact future product development.

April 1, 2015 at 2pm (New York) Log in to watch recording 


We also offer access to view our catalogue of e-seminar recordings, please login to the Croda Direct Customer Extranet  for Personal Care North America in order to search.

FutureCast: Beauty Trends 2016 48 minsLogin/Register
Achieving a Blemish-Free Complexion 56 minsLogin/Register
Facing the Environment Beautifully 64 minsLogin/Register
Formulating for China: A Practical Approach - Part 3: Actives & Claims Substantiation 59 minsLogin/Register
Formulating for China: A Practical Approach - Part 2: Hair Care 47 minsLogin/Register
Formulating for China: A Practical Approach - Part 1: Skin Care 53 minsLogin/Register
Survival Kit: Formulating for the Modern Man 56 minsLogin/Register
Survival of the Modern Man: Emerging Male Grooming Trends 62 minsLogin/Register
Stepping Up to Meet Consumer Expectations for SP US Session 59 minsLogin/Register
Stepping Up to Meet Consumer Expectations for SP EU Session 40 minsLogin/Register
Novel Conditioning: Opportunities for the Modern Woman 58 minsLogin/Register
Super Naturals: Addressing Cross-Generational Beauty Needs 58 minsLogin/Register
Skin Diversity Explained 69 minsLogin/Register
Understanding the Multi-Faceted Woman 55 minsLogin/Register
Caring for Color-Treated Hair 27 minsLogin/Register
Experience Sensification: An Interactive Sensory Workshop 57 minsLogin/Register
Plant Stem Cells: The Best of Nature Amplified 58 minsLogin/Register
Broad Spectrum Rules: Meeting the Needs of the FDA and the Consumer 62 minsLogin/Register
Beyond the Trends: A New Perspective on Beauty 43 minsLogin/Register
Proving Your Sensitive Skin Claims 60 minsLogin/Register
Biomimicry: A New Path to Sustainability – Global Personal Care Trends 57 minsLogin/Register
Vital Ingredients for Healthy Hair 42 minsLogin/Register
The Aging Body: A Cosmetic Approach 67 minsLogin/Register
Building High Performance Formulas without DEA 61 minsLogin/Register
Advanced Sun Protection Made Simple 43 minsLogin/Register
The Intelligence of Plants 50 minsLogin/Register
Advances in Glycation Research Reverse AGE 66 minsLogin/Register
Flourishing in the New World: Global and Regional Personal Care Trends 56 minsLogin/Register
Hair Straighteners: Formulating around Formaldehyde 60 minsLogin/Register
Kiss Technology: Enhancing Lipstick Performance 45 minsLogin/Register
Formulating Sun Care with Consumer Appeal 56 minsLogin/Register
A Touch of Magic: Global Skin Care Trends 60 minsLogin/Register
Vaccination Against Skin Aging - A Pipe Dream or a Possible Approach 61 minsLogin/Register
Hair Damage - What You Need to Know 52 minsLogin/Register
Reset - Simplify - Control: Deciphering New Trends in Hair Care 54 minsLogin/Register
Scientific Advances Supporting Your Claims 60 minsLogin/Register
Approaches to Acne Treatment 56 minsLogin/Register
The Fundamentals of Styling 60 minsLogin/Register
Multi-Functional Botanicals 38 minsLogin/Register
Hair Growth Modulation: Novel Ways to Influence the Biological Events in the Hair Follicle 60 minsLogin/Register
The Fundamentals - Shampoo 59 minsLogin/Register
D5 Replacement - The Chemist's Challenge 48 minsLogin/Register
Fundamentals of Skin 2: A Deeper Understanding 47 minsLogin/Register
Fundamentals of Hair 2: Conditioning - The Convergence of Claims and Science 60 minsLogin/Register
Fundamentals of Skin: Factors Affecting the Skin 59 minsLogin/Register
Fundamentals of Hair: Healthy Hair Decoded 60 minsLogin/Register
Preserving Your Hair Color 45 minsLogin/Register
The Changing Global Consumer - Defining Trends 53 minsLogin/Register
Seize the Softening Trend 32 minsLogin/Register
Contouring Body and Face 60 minsLogin/Register
Packed with Proteins, Croda Really Satisfies! 55 minsLogin/Register
Less is Best - Preservative Minimization 46 minsLogin/Register
Hair Color That Keeps Going and Going 49 minsLogin/Register
Get Feel Appeal with OptaSense 44 minsLogin/Register
Deliver Your Promise, Arlasolve™ DMI-PC 51 minsLogin/Register