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Croda hosts several e-seminars throughout the fall and spring of the year covering a wide variety of topics. From the latest market trends, to the newest testing capabilities, these educational courses strive to offer something for everyone.

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 Personal Care      Web Banner - REACH

Be REACH Ready

The essentials for understanding the European regulation REACH.  Don’t be caught not being able to sell your products into this important market!

Croda can help you make sure your products will be compliant by the May 31, 2018 deadline. 

In this brief, 30 minute eSeminar, we will cover:
■ What is REACH? And what is covered by the regulation?
■ Who is responsible for registrations, test data and tracking?
■ What is an Only Representative (OR) and how can they help 
    with REACH compliance?
May 24, 2017 Login to Listen
 Personal Care   MCC Header

Create a conditioner every hair type will love!

Multicultural consumers are driving trends in personal care now more than ever - but formulating for a wide range of ethnicities can be a real challenge. We've taken that challenge to task with the Multicultural Conditioner for Damaged Hair. It's easy to formulate and even easier to customize, so adding unique claims is a breeze. Best of all its star ingredient, Crodazoquat™ MCC is the perfect starting point for a versatile conditioner and a great base to build on. 

Ready to start formulating? We'll show you how!

In this brief, 30 minute eSeminar, you'll learn:
• About the test results that prove the conditioner's efficacy
• How to formulate the Multicultural Conditioner for Damaged Hair
• How to add consumer relevant claims to the formulation to make it your own
 Nov 16, 2016  Login to Listen
 Personal Care

Masks Header

Masks have made quite an entrance into the world of cosmetics, representing a nearly $5 billion turnover globally with 73% growth in the last five years, according to Euromonitor.

There's never been a better time to discover how masks fit into your formulation portfolio.

In this eSeminar, you'll get:

• Examples of formulations to get you started

• In-depth analysis of current market figures

• All the latest info on trends

• New textures and claims showcases

 Sept 28, 2016

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Personal Care

Eseminar Page - Crodarom Trends 2016Change is the only thing that’s constant about the modern world. To keep pace, today’s consumers are adapting. In our latest forecast, we explore key facets of this consumer metamorphosis and how it will drive future changes in the world of beauty. 

Developed in collaboration with a premiere trends forecasting agency, our predictions for 2017 cosmetic trends will focus on what effect new technologies, social conditions and environments will have on the consumer’s search beyond well-being and towards “better-being”.

You'll discover:

Key consumer profiles and their changing attitudes

• How these consumer attitudes are influencing the world of cosmetics

Novel formulation concepts and distinctive ingredients to accommodate these trends 

Live attendees will receive the Crodarom Plant Finder Botanical Index.
April 27, 2016 at 2pm (New York) Login to Listen

Personal Care

Eseminar Page - Skin Care Trends 2016

What will Korea offer next?

Korean women’s skin care trends are captivating consumers and the cosmetics industry – and for good reason. These multi-step skin care routines are loaded with innovation that works, from textures and ingredients to devices and claims. 

You’ll learn:

• About the Korean trends that are rippling across the cosmetics landscape

• How these trends will drive consumer behaviour

• How you can use formulations that align with these trends to meet consumer interest

Book your seat now and get the insights behind Korean skin care innovation. 

March 30, 2016 at 2pm (New York) Login to Listen

You can also review our catalog of e-seminar recordings and view any e-seminar in our archive on demand. Browse the list below to find topics of interest.

Title Duration Access
Create a Conditioner Every Hair Type will Love - US eSeminar 26 mins Login/Register
What's Behind the Mask? - US eSeminar 53 mins Login/Register
A Metamorphosing Future 49 mins Login/Register
What will Korea offer next? Skin Care Trends 52 mins Login/Register
Sensitive Skin: A Solution for All 54 mins Login/Register
REAL Deal: A New Reality for Beauty 51 mins Login/Register
The Science Behind Hair Damage Repair 48 mins Login/Register
FutureCast: Beauty Trends 2016 48 mins Login/Register
Achieving a Blemish-Free Complexion 56 mins Login/Register
Facing the Environment Beautifully 64 mins Login/Register
Formulating for China: A Practical Approach - Part 3: Actives & Claims Substantiation 59 mins Login/Register
Formulating for China: A Practical Approach - Part 2: Hair Care 47 mins Login/Register
Formulating for China: A Practical Approach - Part 1: Skin Care 53 mins Login/Register
Survival Kit: Formulating for the Modern Man 56 mins Login/Register
Survival of the Modern Man: Emerging Male Grooming Trends 62 mins Login/Register
Stepping Up to Meet Consumer Expectations for SP EU Session 40 mins Login/Register
Stepping Up to Meet Consumer Expectations for SP US Session 59 mins Login/Register
Novel Conditioning: Opportunities for the Modern Woman 58 mins Login/Register
Super Naturals: Addressing Cross-Generational Beauty Needs 58 mins Login/Register
Skin Diversity Explained 69 mins Login/Register
Understanding the Multi-Faceted Woman 55 mins Login/Register
Caring for Color-Treated Hair 27 mins Login/Register
Experience Sensification: An Interactive Sensory Workshop 57 mins Login/Register
Plant Stem Cells: The Best of Nature Amplified 58 mins Login/Register
Proving Your Sensitive Skin Claims 60 mins Login/Register
Biomimicry: A New Path to Sustainability – Global Personal Care Trends 57 mins Login/Register
The Aging Body: A Cosmetic Approach 67 mins Login/Register
Vital Ingredients for Healthy Hair 42 mins Login/Register
Building High Performance Formulas without DEA 61 mins Login/Register
Advanced Sun Protection Made Simple 43 mins Login/Register
The Intelligence of Plants 50 mins Login/Register
Advances in Glycation Research Reverse AGE 66 mins Login/Register
Flourishing in the New World: Global and Regional Personal Care Trends 56 mins Login/Register
Hair Straighteners: Formulating around Formaldehyde 60 mins Login/Register
Kiss Technology: Enhancing Lipstick Performance 45 mins Login/Register
Formulating Sun Care with Consumer Appeal 56 mins Login/Register
A Touch of Magic: Global Skin Care Trends 60 mins Login/Register
Vaccination Against Skin Aging - A Pipe Dream or a Possible Approach 61 mins Login/Register
Hair Damage - What You Need to Know 52 mins Login/Register
Broad Spectrum Rules: Meeting the Needs of the FDA and the Consumer 62 mins Login/Register
Reset - Simplify - Control: Deciphering New Trends in Hair Care 54 mins Login/Register
Scientific Advances Supporting Your Claims 60 mins Login/Register
Approaches to Acne Treatment 56 mins Login/Register
The Fundamentals of Styling 60 mins Login/Register
Multi-Functional Botanicals 38 mins Login/Register
Hair Growth Modulation: Novel Ways to Influence the Biological Events in the Hair Follicle 60 mins Login/Register
The Fundamentals - Shampoo 59 mins Login/Register
Beyond the Trends: A New Perspective on Beauty 43 mins Login/Register
D5 Replacement - The Chemist's Challenge 48 mins Login/Register
Fundamentals of Skin 2: A Deeper Understanding 47 mins Login/Register
Fundamentals of Hair 2: Conditioning - The Convergence of Claims and Science 60 mins Login/Register
Fundamentals of Skin: Factors Affecting the Skin 59 mins Login/Register
Fundamentals of Hair: Healthy Hair Decoded 60 mins Login/Register
Preserving Your Hair Color 45 mins Login/Register
The Changing Global Consumer - Defining Trends 53 mins Login/Register
Seize the Softening Trend 32 mins Login/Register
Contouring Body and Face 60 mins Login/Register
Packed with Proteins, Croda Really Satisfies! 55 mins Login/Register
Less is Best - Preservative Minimization 46 mins Login/Register
Hair Color That Keeps Going and Going 49 mins Login/Register
Get Feel Appeal with OptaSense 44 mins Login/Register
Deliver Your Promise, Arlasolve™ DMI-PC 51 mins Login/Register