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ARLASOLVE DMI – Spot On Actives Delivery

ARLASOLVE DMI gives formulators the ability to increase the effectiveness of actives in their formulations. This is especially useful in applications that use benzoyl peroxide for anti-acne benefits as ARLASOLVE DMI enhances the activity of benzoyl peroxide in several ways. It helps to dissolve benzoyl peroxide in formulations, making sure that it is active, and also reduces the skin irritation potential in both rinse off and leave on products. As a result of these properties, ARLASOLVE DMI is an excellent addition to anti-acne products.

Major benefits:

  • Increases efficacy of actives
  • Reduces irritation of BPO

Unique features:

  • Globally accepted
  • Based on sugar chemistry
  • Miscible and compatible with a wide range of ingredients
  • Excellent safety profile
  • Non-greasy, dry skin feel

Dissolved and Delivered: Preventing Re-Agglomeration & Maximizing Efficacy

Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO) is supplied in a crystalline form that needs to be dissolved in the acne treatment formulation in order to be efficacious. If not properly dissolved, the BPO will not be effectively delivered to the skin because the particles will be too large to penetrate into the pores where the P. acnes bacteria are found, and it will present as jagged particles, which can be physically irritating. 

The solution to both of these problems is to effectively dissolve the BPO – then it can get into the pore and mitigate irritation potential through the prevention of re-agglomeration. The following image shows BPO crystals in two formulations, one which contains ARLASOLVE DMI and one that does not. It is evident that the formulation containing ARLASOLVE DMI has far fewer instance of BPO re-agglomeration that the formulation without.

ARLASOLVE DMI prevents the re-agglomeration of benzoyl peroxide in formulation.

Decreases Irritation

In addition to increasing the efficacy of actives in formulations, by keeping active particles smaller, ARLASOLVE DMI is able to reduce skin irritation, a common problem with benzoyl peroxide. ARLASOLVE DMI helps to keep the particles from collecting into larger masses (re-agglomeration) that scratch and damage the skin.

The image below shows how adding ARLASOLVE DMI to a formulation containing benzoyl peroxide reduces the amount of skin irritation present as compared to the same formulation without ARLASOLVE DMI. The lotion with ARLASOLVE DMI (#5) shows noticeably less irritation than the other sites tested with formulations containing BPO (#2 and #3) and 1% SLS (#1), indicating that the addition of ARLASOLVE DMI reduced the irritation of the BPO in the formulation.

ARLASOLVE DMI mitigates the irritation potential of benzoyl peroxide in formulation.