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Personal Care
Female combing conditioner through her wet hair to maintain shine and vibrancy using Croda ingredients that are suited to all hair types and ethnicities with conditioning, sun protecting, anti-age, anti-frizz, retention of curls and colour maintenance, benefits


Conditioners are an integral part of our hair care routines, helping to restore softness and manageability to the hair. In addition to traditional conditioning benefits, consumers are now demanding more from their hair care products; with a need for versatile ingredients that offer multiple benefits to combat their individual hair needs, such as strengthening, shine, colour protection and more. Our wide range of multifaceted conditioning agents are suitable for all hair types and conditions, helping hair care formulators design personalised solutions for their customers.
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Why are conditioners needed?
Our hair is exposed to a range of factors which can damage or weaken the hair fibre, such as:
Heat styling
Chemical treatments
Grooming practices

Damage can lead to the hair looking dull, feeling rough and being difficult to manage. Conditioners are essential of our cleansing routines in maintaining the integrity of the hair, by smoothing the hair cuticle and leaving the hair feeling softer and shinier, helping to restore a healthy hair condition. Aside from conditioning benefits, conditioners can also deliver additional benefits such as UV protection, colour retention, anti-frizz, strengthening and more, catering to individual hair types and needs.

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A guide to biopolymers

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Beautiful brunette female with long, straight, shiny and brunette hair that can be achieved using Croda's diverse range of hair applications for conditioning, straightening and cleansing for softening, strengthening, frizz control, thermal protection, colour retention and moisturisation

Hair care

Discover our extensive range of innovative ingredients suitable for an array of diverse hair care applications, with solutions to meet your every hair care need.

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Proteins and biopolymers

At Croda, our expertise is in processing natural protein sources into functional ingredients which provide impressive multi-functional benefits. Discover our wide range of protein and biopolymers ingredients, suitable for inclusion in conditioner formulations to help improve hair quality.
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