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Personal Care
Trendy young female with fashionable pink, styled hair that can be maintained using Croda's range of post-colour ingredients for a long lasting, shiny, radiant effect and sulphate-free products to avoid stripping of hair pigments and improve colour durability

Hair colour

Hair colour is a powerful extension of our personality and mood, with consumers choosing to colour their hair for a variety of reasons; whether it be to maintain their natural hair colour and provide grey coverage, or simply to experiment with their style and provide an outlet for self-expression. With a diverse selection of permanent and temporary hair colouring products available on the market, and an extensive range of products developed to colour the hair and maintain colour vibrancy, it has never been easier for consumers to switch up their look.
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How does hair colour fade?

One of the main concerns for consumers when choosing to colour their hair revolves around the durability of their hair colour and maintaining a healthy-looking appearance. Hair colour fade can be a result of a variety of contributing factors, including:

Poor delivery of the hair colour into the hair fibre
Permeability of the dye out of the hair fibre
Environmental exposures, including UV radiation

How can hair colour fade be reduced?

Any of the above factors often work in tandem and multiple approaches are often required for optimal hair colour protection, such as:

Enhancing the delivery of dyes to the hair fibre
Sealing and restoring the integrity of the hair surface
Depositing efficient UV absorbers

Colour protection benefits can be delivered from a range of formats, such shampoos, conditioners, leave-in treatments, or even the hair dye itself. At Croda, we offer an extensive portfolio of hair colour ingredients suitable for all hair dye formulations as well as maintenance products, that have been developed to offer a positive impact on vibrancy and hair dye performance; helping to deliver truer, longer lasting and shinier colours, whilst ensuring healthy-looking hair. We can help you formulate to meet the needs of the modern consumer, including those that are looking for sulphate-free, silicone-free and vegan suitable options. 

Hair colour ingredients

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At-home hair colour – empowering consumers

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Beautiful brunette female with long, straight, shiny and brunette hair that can be achieved using Croda's diverse range of hair applications for conditioning, straightening and cleansing for softening, strengthening, frizz control, thermal protection, colour retention and moisturisation

Hair care

Discover our extensive range of innovative ingredients suitable for an array of diverse hair care applications, with solutions to meet your every hair care need.

Woman applying hair colour at home

At-home hair colour – empowering consumers

Listen again to our at-home hair colour webinar as we explore the shift in consumer demand from salon professional hair care to at-home hair colour solutions, where we will delve into the extensive product portfolio Croda has to offer to meet all hair colouring needs.
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