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Personal Care
Male with styled hair from Crodas wide range of ingredients for the hair styling market

Hair styling

Styling products empower the consumer to get creative, allowing them to model and transform their hair with ease. Experimenting with new textures, volumes or styles is becoming more ever more accessible, and it’s easy to do at home or in the salon. We offer a wide range of ingredients to meet all current style demands, helping you to develop truly inspirational formulation creations; from gels and pomades for styling, to mousses and foams that provide more volume and bounce; we can help you create unique formulation solutions to give consumers ultimate freedom of choice!
natural young woman drying curly hair with hair dryer in mirror
Many consumers love to express themselves through the styling of their hair. Unfortunately, a number of techniques that are used to create these styles may also be damaging to the hair fibres themselves. Blow dryers, flat irons, and sun exposure are just some of the factors that may weaken the hair structure, making it more susceptible to damage.

Consumers are looking for products that protect the hair from this damage and help keep the structural integrity of the hair intact, even in extreme conditions. Nobody wants dry, brittle or compromised hair.

As well as ingredients that allow for a strong chassis and interesting formulation textures, we develop innovative ingredients that protect and preserve the hair structure and give freedom to consumers to express their style without worry.

Hair styling ingredients

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Formulations we love... for African textured hair - volume 1

African Textured Hair
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Beautiful brunette female with long, straight, shiny and brunette hair that can be achieved using Croda's diverse range of hair applications for conditioning, straightening and cleansing for softening, strengthening, frizz control, thermal protection, colour retention and moisturisation

Hair care

Discover our extensive range of innovative ingredients suitable for an array of diverse hair care applications, with solutions to meet your every hair care need.

African Textured Hair

Formulations we love for textured hair

Listen again to our 'Formulating for textured hair' webinar as consumers are demanding high performance but cost effective formulations. Croda have solutions that have been proudly tested in Africa to help meet market demand.
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