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Dark haired female receiving hair treatment in salon using Croda's diverse range of hair care applications for various hair types for scalp care, conditioning, colouring, cleansing, damage care and straightening giving benefits that include softening, strengthening, thermal protection, frizz control, colour retention and moisturisation

Hair treatments

Consumer concern about the health of their hair and scalp is ever growing, and consumers are looking for quicker and more efficient treatments for their specific needs. Products available on the market offer a great variety of applications that treat common hair and scalp conditions, with an array of appealing formats. We offer a broad range of innovative ingredients that offer multi-functional benefits which can be utilised in a variety of applications to deliver effective treatment solutions to combat specific hair and scalp concerns.
happy woman curly textured hair using hair oil
What are hair treatments used for?

Hair treatments can be used to treat an array of common hair concerns, such as hair damage. Whether it be a result of heat styling or chemical processing, hair treatments can be used to target the specific signs of damage to maintain the healthy condition of hair, by offering benefits such as conditioning, softening, smoothing, and strengthening to name a few.

They can also be used to protect the hair from damage due to factors such as grooming or environmental aggressors. Protective hair treatments can help to maintain the structural integrity of the hair, even after exposure to extreme conditions.

Scalp health can also be addressed by the use of treatments specifically targeted to tackle common scalp conditions, including dandruff, dry scalps, irritation, and hair loss.

Hair treatment ingredients

Croda Plex steps 1, 2 and 3 presentation

Hair Care Crodaplex Bleached Blonde Female
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Hair Care Crodaplex Bleached Blonde Female

Croda Plex

Powered by several high performance Croda ingredients, including Crodasone™ Cystine PE, Keravis™ PE and Crodazosoft™ DBQ, Croda Plex is a 3-step system that defends against damage from hair colouration, bleaching and chemical treatments. The system has been proven to improve the integrity of damaged hair, by building broken bonds and reducing hair breakage.
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