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Ageing beautifully with skin care actives from Croda

From anti-ageing active ingredients to well-ageing active ingredients

With an ageing population around the globe, the demand for anti-ageing skin care products is not decreasing.

However, the aim is no longer to fight against age, but to beautify the skin, while feeling good about the ageing phenomenon. More and more customers embrace their mature skin and focus on keeping it healthy and hydrated. This well-ageing trend is not only for the skin but also for the overall body from the inside out.


Anti-ageing products have shifted to pro-ageing products. They not only target wrinkles and fine lines but also issues such as dry skin, skin firmness, uneven skin tone, hyper-pigmentation, and under-eye dark circles. Nevertheless, wrinkles are still the number one concern among the ageing signs after 25 years old, as being the first noticeable sign.


Another important trend is the increasing customer demand for more natural products or, at least, for a better understanding of the ingredients they put on their skin. Our portfolio perfectly fits with this demand as we can provide a clear explanation of the mechanism of actions of our active ingredients whether they are from natural origin and/or provide the skin with a biomimetic action.

mature women from different origin, feeling good about themselves and laughing together to illustrate the concept of ageing beautifully with the help of Croda's anti-ageing cosmetic ingredients
Greener peptides for skin

Greener peptides for skin

Greener peptides for skin: what peptides do for skin, why they are recognised for their proven cosmetic efficacy and to what extent peptides can be considered as sustainable cosmetic active ingredients. Discover the answers in this blog.

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Matrixyl® Range

Discover our worldwide known Matrixyl® range. Its name being synonymous with efficacy and reliability in fighting ageing signs.

Luceane by Sederma - Tradimodern cell respiration

Discover Sederma latest launch


Tradimodern cell respiration

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Ageing skin ingredients



Encapsulated retinol by Sederma. ReVitAlide™ provides enhanced stability of retinol easing its formulation. It also improves retinol bioavailability into the skin reinforcing its efficacy.

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Phytotal™ AW PS

Phytotal AW PS is an anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing phytocomplex that reduces wrinkles and roughness of the skin and balance the microrelief.

Matrixyl® synthe’6®

Matrixyl® synthe’6®

Powerful anti–wrinkle peptide acting on 6 skin–rebuilding essentials and tested with success on the forehead. Matrixyl® has received the in-cosmetics 25 years of Innovation Award in 2015.

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