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Personal Care
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Always be selfie-ready!  This wish is shared among all ages and all social categories. A flawless complexion depends on numerous factors: blemishes, hyperpigmented areas, redness, dark circles, acne, fatigue or uneven tone. Discover skin radiance and anti-redness active ingredients to take control of the skin so every day is selfie day #nofilter.
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Complexion enhancing ingredients

Crodarom® Coralline

Crodarom® Coralline

Coralline is a vegetal coral for marine cosmetology. This luxury red algae, a fashion ingredient, have anti-fatigue and moisturising properties.



Fights against the accumulation of blood degradation products around the eyes

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Versaflex™ V-150

O/W emulsifying and stabilisation system based on food-approved emulsifiers and biopolymers. Stabilises emulsions of every type of oily material in water, irrespective of its required HLB. Used in...



Dedicated to improving the appearance of both hyperpigmented and vascular dark circles.

Beauty Undefined with Sederma's Natural WOW Blush

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