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Self-care and a quest to happiness are essential to many consumers and while many solutions appear on the market to achieve it, skin care remains on the top of priorities to maintain an external and internal wellness.

Perception of beauty has changed. Standards are being removed in favour of more positivity and inclusivity where natural beauty is celebrated. But it doesn’t mean we don’t want to look at our best! We can see a real connection between beauty, physical and mental health, where skin condition and wellness became essential for people aspiring to look and feel good.

In that aspect, people are more and more embracing who they are at all times of their lives with a sense of self-care and indulgence but still with a desire to appear healthier with an even complexion.

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How to have a healthy skin?

A flawless complexion depends on numerous factors: blemishes, hyperpigmented areas, redness, dark circles, acne, fatigue or uneven tone. Croda can help you with all of these with our wide range of actives and effect ingredients that are able to offer you the confidence and joy we all deserve!

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Light & Perfection

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Complexion enhancing ingredients

Crodarom® Coralline

Crodarom® Coralline

Coralline is a vegetal coral for marine cosmetology. This luxury red algae, a fashion ingredient, have anti-fatigue and moisturising properties.



Fights against the accumulation of blood degradation products around the eyes

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Versaflex™ V-150

O/W emulsifying and stabilisation system based on food-approved emulsifiers and biopolymers. Stabilises emulsions of every type of oily material in water, irrespective of its required HLB. Used in...



Dedicated to improving the appearance of both hyperpigmented and vascular dark circles.

Beauty Undefined with Sederma's Natural WOW Blush

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