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Personal Care
Young female wearing a black bikini and a gas mask, sitting in a deckchair sunbathing in a polluted environment where the skin is exposed to numerous pollutants that damage cells which can be protected with Croda's diverse ingredients ranges

Pollution defence ingredients

Pollution is everywhere and comes from human activites and natural sources. World air quality index is monitored since it is a public health issue (

This atmospheric pollution is composed of particulate matter, biological molecules or other harmful materials:

- Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) such as benzo[a]pyrene

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Nitrogen oxides (NOx)

Sulfur oxides (SOx)

Carbon monoxide


The skin, being one of the first organs in contact with the air, is exposed to these pollutants that contribute damage skin cells; their action being intensified by ultraviolet radiation. Moreover, blue light irradiation, emitted by screens, is a new form of indoor pollution, that must also be considered.


All these types of pollution create an oxidative stress that contribute to free radical production. The human skin is not adapted to this polluted environment. Indeed, human cells have difficulties to remove free radicals, which slows down repair mechanisms. Skin appears tired, dehydrated and sensitive. Pollution induces premature ageing such as wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, excessive production of sebum and dark circles. It also exists a correlation between premature acne and pollution exposure. (

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Sederma Pollution and Skin Care: The Consumer Perspective

Female pulling away pollution curtain to reveal green collage of images representing pollution and skincare from the consumer perspective relating to Sederma's anti-pollution actives
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Pollution defence ingredients

Matcha Tea Extract

Matcha Tea Extract

Matcha tea, the ultimate detox ally to strengthen the immune system, fight free radicals and slow down skin ageing and the appearance of wrinkles.



High tech anti-ageing ingredient that mimics the natural hormetic phenomenon of defence. Helps skin decrease the level of pro-ageing agents and the toxin-induced micro inflammations in order to...

Cithrol™ 10GTIS

Cithrol™ 10GTIS

Cithrol 10GTIS creates advanced high performance microemulsion facial cleansers that are crystal clear, gentle to skin and easily rinsed with no oily residue. A highly effective and mild surfactant,...

Comparing green earth effect air pollution

Pollution and skin care: The consumer perspective

Air pollution is contamination of the indoor or outdoor environment by any chemical, physical or biological agent that modifies the natural characteristics of the atmosphere. But the sources of pollution are so diverse that it is everywhere. Hence the question: how does it affect the skin? Is air pollution also going to be a problem for our beauty parameters? This presentation has the objectives of clarifying what is air pollution and giving some insights of the consumer expectations and the current reaction by the stakeholders in the Personal Care market (ingredient suppliers and formulators alike).
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