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Personal Care
Personal Care
Male applying antiperspirant deodorant to his underarms showing how Croda's ingredients are effective in creating formulations in different formats including aerosol sprays, sticks, creams or roll ons

Shaving and antiperspirant ingredients

Shaving, hair removal, antiperspirant and deodorant products are used universally and now require other value-added benefits like moisturisation and hair minimising.

More than effective shaving and sweat and odour control, these products now offer consumers other value-added benefits including moisturisation and hair minimising, whilst leaving no residue. These additional claims enhance the offering, by opening up opportunities for product differentiation within these growing categories.

Father and son in bathroom experimenting with shaving foam

We offer many ingredients that have shown to be effective in creating stable formulations in what can be a challenging application area.

The inclusion of high pH actives into formulation, and the development of a large variety formats, such as sprays (aerosol), sticks, creams or roll-ons, require expert ingredient and formulating knowledge.

In addition, we also offer ingredients for added consumer benefits and to deliver expected sensory cues, for example where a dry-feeling is expected upon application.

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cosmetic formulation utilising natural ingredients to create on trend formulations

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Discover new formulation ideas for beauty and personal care that are trending at the moment. Get some formulation inspiration here.

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Arlasense™ V5

Arlasense V5, with its vegan suitable* credentials, can deliver functionality, aesthetics and ethics all in one ingredient. It has an appealing sensory, high degree of skin spreading and wide pH tolerance. May be used as a sensory alternative to silicone. Has a very low viscosity and freeze point. Ether chemistry enables it to function as essentially a non-polar material.
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Sederma Kelisoft


Slows down hair growth and refines hair diameter. Calms down inflammation after hair removal.
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Crodarom Cider Vinegar EC

Crodarom® Cider Vinegar EC

A recognised grandmothers remedy, dedicated to unbalanced skin prone to seborrheic or acne, and greasy hair with dandruff, made from French cider vinegar.
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Crodamol SSA brand image

Crodamol™ SSA

Discover a sensory alternative to Squalane with Crodamol SSA, designed to meet the needs of the formulator looking for an elegant skin feel. 100% naturally derived, Crodamol SSA delivers a soft, velvety skin feel and is easily absorbed leaving no greasy afterfeel.
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Sederma Hydronesis brand image, female laying on back with smoothing glowing skin


Hydronesis® beautifies the skin, acts against keratosis pilaris and after-waxing redness and makes the skin incredibly soft.
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Crodarom Hemp EC hemp seeds

Crodarom® Hemp EC

An ingredient embracing the beauty world thanks to its multiple benefits and its image of naturalness and wellness.
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Beauty Undefined with Croda’s Transformative Multi-Use Cleanser

Men’s Shaving Gel

This formula provides an easy and gentle exfoliant removal with the use of Tween™ 28 that offers a soft but effective cleansing. Volarest™ FL helps to increase viscosity and stability in the formulation while giving a light and tack free sensorial. Délice Extrême offers high moisturizing and softness properties. Hydronesis® is an active designed to reinforce skin's protective barrier and provide hydration for a smooth and supple skin, clear of keratosis pilaris and redness caused by the shaving.
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Antiperspirant stick with Crodamol STS

This antiperspirant formula features CRODAMOL STS alone as the primary emollient oil. The stick has excellent aesthetics and displays minimal tack, enabling it to glide effortlessly over the skin. CRODAMOL STS confers a silky dry feel and contributes to the formulas excellent anti-whitening effect, as well as its hydrolytic stability.
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Invisible protection

A clear antiperspirant gel that glides on easily. BRIJ IC20-70, in combination with BRIJ 30, solubilizes the fragrance oils and leaves a pleasant skin feel.
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