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Beyond UV protection – blue light, infrared and pollution protection actives

Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the harmful effects of different wavelengths of light beyond the UVB and UVA. No longer just concerned about the risk of skin cancer, consumers (in particular, the well-informed Gen Z “skintellectuals”) are looking to protect themselves from premature ageing and hyperpigmentation due to solar exposure. The wavelengths of concern encompass both blue light (also known as HEV (high energy visible) light) and infrared light.
A graph demonstrating the full spectrum of light emitted from the sun, all of which Croda inorganic filters can protection against
In addition, the biological impact of environmental pollutants is becoming increasingly important. The growing presence of air pollutants in major cities across the globe means that consumers have greater exposure to free radicals which can lead to oxidative stress and causes the denaturation of proteins, lipids, sugars, DNA, cellular membranes and cells.

As a result, the spectrum of light and the list of aggressors that consumers are seeking protection from with their personal care products is expanding. This presents challenges for today’s formulators who are also being tasked with balancing the need for multi-tasking formulations whilst also ensuring they are using minimal ingredients. At Croda, this challenge has driven the innovation of our multi-functional UV actives that go beyond the UV.

Taking your sun and skincare formulations beyond the UV

Croda’s Solaveil™, Infraveil™ and Optisol™ ranges of mineral filters go beyond the UV and deliver immediate skin protection from infrared radiation, HEV or blue light, and other environmental aggressors. Taking the approach that prevention is better than cure, these actives not only shield the skin from damage but also are safe, mild and non-irritating, making them ideal for sensitive skins and daily use.

Solaveil SpeXtra (Titanium Dioxide) and Solaveil MicNo (Zinc Oxide) are UV filters that also act as a physical shield from blue light and are available as both powders and dispersions in a range of carrier oils
Infraveil is a range of Titanium Dioxide dispersions that provide immediate protection from IR-induced ageing
Optisol, a unique Manganese doped Titanium Dioxide powder, has a triple action of quenching gaseous pollutants, free radical scavenging as well as UV protection

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Screen light ageing by Sederma

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Young female wearing a black bikini and a gas mask, sitting in a deckchair sunbathing in a polluted environment where the skin is exposed to numerous pollutants that damage cells which can be protected with Croda's diverse ingredients ranges

Pollution defence

The skin, being one of the first organs in contact with the air, is exposed to numerous pollutants that contribute to damage skin cells; their action being intensified by ultraviolet radiation. The skin is exposed to numerous pollutants, including blue light irradiation, emitted by screens, that contribute to damage skin cells.

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