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A wellness journey with Croda at in-cosmetics Global 2023

Croda was delighted to welcome customers old and new from all over the world to their stand at in-cosmetics Global 2023 that took place in Barcelona, Spain. in-cosmetics Global is an event that brings together customers and colleagues from across the globe to showcase the very latest innovations and trends in the personal care industry. This year’s show took place from 28 to 30 March and it certainly did not fail to deliver! Croda focused this year on wellbeing and positive beauty which have become key drivers for consumer behaviour in the personal care industry. They presented their latest ingredient and formulation innovations, designed to meet evolving consumer needs, alongside a commitment to sustainability.

A focus on wellbeing and positive beauty

The importance of self-care and total wellbeing was highlighted on the Croda stand across specially designed ingredient and formulation zones for skin care, solar care, hair care, fragrances, and novel textures. The theme and feel of the stand reflected this with welcoming open spaces, pale hues, and plenty of different seating areas for face-to-face customer meetings. It was great to see lots of interesting discussions with a definite buzz and positive vibe throughout the show, and everyone at the event also had the chance to take a selfie together at the stand selfie station!

Images of Croda Personal Care stand at in-cosmetics 2023 Barcelona including stand, formulation bar and selfie station


New and featured ingredients

Skin and solar care ingredient innovation focused on Croda's Solaveilrange of inorganic mineral sunscreen active ingredients. These Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide based UV filters help to meet diverse customer needs, offering optimum protection and the creation of high SPF formulations alongside transparency on skin, which can be achieved using only one or two active ingredients. The newest technology showcased at in-cosmetics was Solaveil MicNo®, an innovative range of ZnO powders and dispersions based on patented, platelet-shaped structure that are micron sized yet transparent when applied to the skin. This makes them extremely versatile and suitable for a wide range of end applications and skin phototypes.

Croda's new ChromaPur™ CV2 and CV7, which are high-quality spheroidal cellulose powders, were also showcased for the first time at in-cosmetics 2023. These skin care ingredients, with a unique surface structure and morphology, provide exceptional sensory benefits including a soft-focus effect in skin care and enhanced pay-off, coverage and colour intensity in colour cosmetics.

For hair care innovation, the focus was on KeraMatch™ V. This vegan suitable* alternative to animal-derived keratin replicates the performance and functional benefits of animal-derived keratin, improving the overall quality of damaged and fragile hair.

Sederma launched their brand-new ingredient Mel(o)stemat in-cosmetics this year. Derived from plant cell culture, this active ingredient is dedicated to fading both age and sun exposure pigmentation disorders, for an even complexion. Also highlighted was Sederma's encapsulated retinol ReVitAlide, which provides enhanced stability of retinol, making it easier to formulate and improving bioavailability into the skin with a controlled release process. Award-winning BB-Biont, a biomimetic peptide that smooths the appearance of skin by reducing the appearance of pockmarks, was also a feature ingredient at the show this year.
Croda's Botanical Alliance comprising Crodarom and Alban Muller showcased four new ingredients at in-cosmetics this year. Crodarom launched their brand-new innovative active ingredient PhytAura™, based on the synergy of four plants and inspired by traditional Chinese medicine. PhytAura provides scientifically proven results to improve skin wellbeing and restore the skin barrier function. They also promoted Zanthocare™ with its proven balancing, protecting and soothing effects, an ideal ingredient for body care for the reduction of body odour, protection against early skin ageing and a reduction of inflammatory reactions. Alban Muller's Padinami™ EC is a marine ingredient that reinforces the skin's youth capital thanks to its proven collagen, GAG and HA booster benefits, leaving skin firmer and more supple. Also featured was Alban Muller's Glucohyami™ GL which is proven to improve skin appearance by reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and firming the skin.

Formulations taking centre stage

Croda Personal Care had representation from their well-known brands from across the business, to offer a complete formulation solution. Working alongside functional and effective ingredients from Croda were bioactive ingredients from Sederma, botanicals from Crodarom and Alban Muller, and fragrances from Iberchem and Parfex.

Croda's formulation bar at in-cosmetics 2023 Barcelona

The impressive formulation bar took centre stage on stand and perfectly demonstrated how all of Croda’s personal care brands synergistically combine to offer the ultimate in formulation expertise and inspiration when it comes to total self-care and looking after skin and hair. Customers were able to try for themselves a wide range of innovative and exciting formulations with sustainable beauty and novel textures in mind for a complete formulation package across skin, solar and hair care.

Featured formulations showcased at in-cosmetics

COSMOS suitable

On display was a range of COSMOS suitable formulations which included a Fluffy Marshmallow Natural Body Moisturiser, a real treat for all over the body with a light, fluffy texture and a fragrance that delivers a fresh boost to the skin. In the same range was our Structure Defining Natural Hair Styling Wax, designed to provide texture and definition to all hair types ensure that not a hair is out of place, Refreshing Fruit Smoothie Natural Hair Conditioner, a real treat for the hair and scalp with a zingy fragrance for that good mood vibe, and Transformative Oil-to-Milk Natural Cleansing Oil, a cold process formulation that transforms from an oil to a milk leaving the skin feeling clean and fresh.

Hair care

Showcasing Croda's hair care expertise was a range of formulations for hair from washing to treatments to styling. Croda's Nourishing Hair Block is a travel-friendly solid shampoo bar that provides gentle cleansing and effective conditioning to leave hair soft, smoothed and moisturised, whilst Minimalist Gentle Shampoo meets the trend for 'less is more' with a shampoo that helps to achieve maximum performance from minimal ingredients. Give hair a real treat with Transformative Hair Nutrition Bar, a solid multipurpose formulation that brings hydration to hair and melts on application, transforming to a luxurious oil. For a night time treat, Beauty Sleep Overnight Scalp and Hair Masque is packed full of ingredients that bring softness, conditioning, hydration and shine for hair that is sure to turn heads! For more time between washes, Re-Fresh Me Hair and Scalp Refresh Spray is a no rinse spray that is ideal for refreshing the hair and scalp, leaving it feeling and smelling clean and fresh. For the ultimate blow out, try Primed for Perfection Pre-Style Treatment, a lightweight, leave-in spray that primes the hair for a perfect, long-lasting style.

Solar care

Croda presented their solar care dispersion technologies through a diverse range of sun care formulations. These included Daily Essential Facial Fluid Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 with 1/3 UVA, a formulation that can be used as part of an essential skin care routine, delivering effective sun protection with transparency, as well as Mineral Sheer Sunscreen SPF 40, designed using only inorganic mineral UV filters with a sheer appearance when applied to the skin. Less is more in the world of transparent solar protection with Purely ZnO Sunscreen SPF 20, whilst  Invisible Physical Defence SPF 30 is a formulation made with only physical filters, providing effective solar protection and low skin irritation whilst meeting the consumer need for 'clean' sunscreens. Multifunctional IR Defence CC Cream SPF 30 protects the skin from the complete spectrum of solar radiation, leaving a flawless finish.


Reflecting the theme across the stand, the Croda technical team created a collection of formulations dedicated to wellness and self-care. Anti-Stress Facial Serum is a cold process formulation with a light, cooling sensory that brings comfort to the skin with its soothing, anti-redness and anti-irritant properties, whilst the Naturally Boosted Smoothing Eye Cream is a rich formula that instantly blurs skin imperfections and resynchronises the skin against digital pollution damage. The hair and scalp also need care and an Exfoliating Scalp Cream is the ultimate treat. This gentle exfoliating rinse-off scalp cream provides optimal hydration whilst helping to fight against dryness and dandruff, also bringing antibacterial and soothing properties. Sederma's Gentle Jelly Blemish Eraser is a uniquely textured blemish eraser that is perfect for regaining an even and radiant complexion, whilst their Genderless Essential Care Mascara has a light, non-greasy texture, designed to leave lashes thicker and fuller.

Novel texture

Discover innovative, fun and novel textures with Croda's collection of novel texture formulations. Naturally Boosted Blurring Stick is an easy to use, on the go, solid stick that improves skin texture by providing an instant, healthy-looking appearance regardless of skin type or age. Multifunctional Transformative 2-in-1 Blossom Cleansing Powder can be used as a pampering  mask or as a facial cleanser and has a unique texture that starts as a powder and transforms when water is added. Another waterless on trend formulation is SMS (Scoop-Mix-Scrub) Skin Polish that was created under sustainable product development and adds a gentle exfoliation step to your skin care routine. Treat the eyes with Pampering Oil-Gel Phase Eye Serum, a light, novel textured serum that spreads like a gel but has a similar feel to a luxurious cream. Single-use, travel-friendly Rosemary Ginger Hand Soap Tablet leaves hands feeling refreshingly clean and smooth.

Click on the link to each formulation to access the formulation sheets and if you would like to request samples* of any of these formulations, please contact

Sustainability at the core

Croda continues to build on their renewable raw material heritage to create, make and sell sustainable solutions today, to positively influence tomorrow. Through investments Croda makes in innovation, production design and flexible operations, they are working with their supply chain to develop personal care ingredients that deliver more benefits, with less impact. Croda featured a pod in the Sustainability Display at in cosmetics, an interactive area of the exhibition featuring the latest advancements in sustainable personal care. This pod was themed around reinvigorating surfactant technologies and Croda’s investment in process improvements for their Crodasinic™ heritage ingredient platform. This is part of the commitment to becoming Climate, Land and People positive by 2030, and supporting customers in achieving their own sustainability goals.

To find out more about our sustainable manufacturing improvements, click HERE.
Croda's sustainability pod at the sustainability display at in-cosmetics 2023 in Barcelona

The whole of in-cosmetics Global 2023 was a big hit, not only for customers but for Croda colleagues across the business - a great opportunity for Croda, Sederma, Crodarom, Alban Muller, Iberchem and Parfex to come together as one Croda Personal Care family.  After such an amazing show this year in Barcelona, Croda looks forward to in-cosmetics Global 2024 in Paris!

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