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Acquisition of Solus Biotech expands Croda’s biotechnology-derived skin care portfolio

On 4th July, Croda International Plc (‘Croda’) completed the acquisition of Solus BioTech, a global leader in premium, biotechnology-derived materials, from Solus Advanced Materials. Located in South Korea, this expands Croda’s Asian manufacturing capability and will create a new biotechnology research and development hub in the region. With over 30 years of expertise in the development of naturally derived ceramides and phosopholipids, the acquisition broadens Croda’s offering of high performance, natural ingredients for luxury beauty customers in Asia and globally.

Ceramides account for more than 50% of the skin’s composition, acting as the ‘glue’ which holds skin cells together, creating and supporting a healthy skin barrier. Topical application of ceramides onto the surface of the skin can help facilitate rapid and efficient repair of the cutaneous skin barrier, reinforcing the epidermis and reducing trans-epidermal water loss for moisturised, supple and smooth skin. Meanwhile, phospholipids also possess exceptional moisturisation potential, in addition to their ability to form liposomes for the effective delivery of active ingredients to the skin. Produced via biotechnology at a GMP compliant plant, these ingredients are ideal to cater for the growing trend in fermented ingredient claims and interest in holistic wellness claims seen post-pandemic.

Access to Croda’s formulation capabilities will accelerate the development of these bio-based ingredients to create even greater value for our customers around the world.

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