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Beauty Trends 2024: What’s next for the cosmetics industry?

The personal care industry is fast evolving, and it feels like it’s still accelerating. New beauty concepts appear regularly to be adopted quickly by consumers worldwide, particularly thanks to social networks, including TikTok with hashtags like #TikTokMakeUp or #BeautyBlogger. According to Conductor, the term “Beauty trends” has been searched around 4 500 times in March 2023 and generated more than 500 000 engagements.

Crodarom and Alban Muller’s expertise on trends and consumer insights allows us to create innovative concepts adapted to the evolutions of the beauty market, and to help its customers always get ahead of the game.

Read on to discover three trendy concepts that will define the way consumers view personal care.

What are the 3 key beauty trends for 2024?

WGSN has outlined the innovations and lifestyle drivers that will shape the beauty industry next year. We have analysed the latest reports and selected the most relevant and high performing beauty trends that will attract consumers next year.

What is to be expected in personal care for 2024?

Well-being has become the top priority of consumers and becomes the dominant macro-trend in personal care, and even fragrance. This includes the search for mental well-being, which has made skin care or face care become holistic, to turn into positive beauty.

Along wellness, 2024 will put the emphasis on freedom, under all the shapes it can take: freedom to move, freedom to think, freedom to feel good about who you are, freedom to express yourself!
The specific needs of everyone will be met by inclusiveness at its best. Men’s beauty and women’s needs will be in the spotlight. The pleasure to experience new things will give a new sense to ancestral traditions, with a more futuristics and fantastic approach, and will mark the return of crazy nights out.

You can discover them by downloading the Beautanical Times #3, dedicated to how 2024 will shape the beauty industry.

Beauty Trends 2024 - All about freedom under all its forms

For this article, we have chosen to focus on what we think may be the top game changers of 2024:

  • Fem Care, for a holistic soothing and cocooning sensation at every stage of a woman’s life,
  • The celebration of life with pleasure and boldness,
  • Aura Beauty, where spiritual and ancestral ingredients lead the way to body & mind balance.

Don't hesitate to continue your journey with our more recent articles, digging deeper into some of the beauty concepts highlighted by our experts: Geoskincare and the Aura Beauty.

Let’s break down taboos about women’s intimate health!

While feminine care and intimate health are still taboo subjects in many parts of the world, we can see an increasing number of independent brands tearing down walls on these topics, as they create open conversations, educate consumers, and answer the demand for personalised care meeting the biological needs of women as they vary throughout their lives.
This new trend in self-care feeds women’s sense of personal well-being and security, so they can feel free and well-resourced to go through their busy flexi-lifestyles.With the proper ingredients, Fem Care cosmetics can provide a helping experience during the upheavals of the hormonal changes and fluctuations that women may experience during puberty, menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, or menopause. Dedicated to one of the forgotten areas of body care, these intimate care products support the Body Positive movement: they help every woman to be beautiful by relying on who they simply are!

While facing hormonal fluctuations, women may seek a bubble of softness and comfort, and this is a main facet of Fem Care. Lipolami™ ER is the perfect ingredient to provide such moments of solace, by bringing a luxurious sensation of softness during application. Besides improving the quality and sensoriality of emulsions, our milk thistle seed ester has proven effects in preserving the structure of the stratum corneum from external aggressions, and in fighting against dryness and delipidation of sensitized skin. To say that Lipolami™ ER is an essential ingredient for cocooning and protective care is then quite an understatement!

We believe that Fem Care should not only be about comfort, but also about letting women glow with happiness and confidence. To meet this demand for intimate care, we could not highlight any other Crodarom ingredient than Phytofleur™ French Rose EC, rose being the ultimate feminine flower. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, this blend of French rose extract and Damask rose essential oil is a real asset for a reboosted, fresh and radiant skin, whatever the woman’s age or the important physiological step she is undergoing.

 FemCare - well-being at all stages of life

Let’s celebrate life!

The second main pattern we identified is about embracing joy and ingenuity, and let our freedom and creative expression flourish, although with no excess.
After the period of confinement and restrictions imposed by recent sanitary events, nightlife is making a great come back, with a stronger desire to be together and celebrate life. The Let’s Party beauty concept gathers new behaviours and expectations for products designed for going out as well as for the aftermath of a great night of fun!

Festive make-ups reflect the boldness of those who wear it, and they are expected to give a fresh and shinning effect, while protecting the skin. Our Phytessence™ White Peony is a key ingredient for a perfect and ‘glowy’ complexion: it is shown to act on the homogeneity of skin colour by correcting excessive redness and reducing age spots. The ‘flower with a thousand petals’ does wonders for a uniform, dazzling skin, making our faces seem young, full of life, attractive so that we can be the queen or the king of the night. To top this off, Phytessence™ White Peony protects the skin against pollution-induced ROS!

Partying all night is great, doing so without the dread of a hard tomorrow is even better. The Let’s Party beauty concept also focuses on the treating the accumulation of make-up, perspiration, sebum and pollutants in post-party skin. It advocates for two things:

  • a purifying care, eliminating all external aggressions and allowing the skin to breath,
  • a boosting care, fuelling the skin back with trace elements it lost during nocturnal shenanigans.

Cosmephytami™ Kiwi EC is the ultimate energising and purifying ingredient for such combined expectations after an intense night with short sleep: the high content of fruit acid eliminates residues on the skin and restores freshness and radiance with a gentle keratolytic effect. On the other hand, the sugars, vitamins and minerals naturally present in the fruit will rehydrate and tone the skin.

Let's celebrate life - cosmetics for partying and hard tomorrows

What can ancient beauty rituals bring to modern cosmetics?

A third beauty trend we selected is the merging of old and new, natural and artificial, ancestral wisdom and modern science to open new paths for daring beauty narratives and create hyped-up solutions. Why focusing on such an inspiration? Because consumers are free to think outside the box and mix two practices that don’t have much in common at the first sight.
The Aura Beauty lets its inspiration go free and digs into ancient knowledge, to then transcend it with the best of what today’s science has to offer.

The consistent increase of interest in well-being and alternative care for relaxation and therapy has led to this new approach of spiritual and physical well-being, where they will provide a guarantee of effectiveness and authenticity. Mystical healing practices, traditional medicines, alternative therapies are hence modernised and enhanced thanks to present times’ scientific advances.
The holistic Aura Beauty concept also seeks to offer spiritual well-being besides personal care, thanks to their effects on the mood of their users, allowing a reconnection with oneself. And natural ingredients are an ideal choice for that.

Crodarom recently launched PhytAura™, a perfect example of ancestral practices that have been adapted and boosted to meet modern needs and lifestyles. This blend of four botanicals is inspired by decoctions found in ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine texts. We analysed its properties with modern R&D expertise, and it’s all there! PhytAura™ stimulates the body’s own regenerative mechanisms and has been shown to (at 3%):

  • soothe the skin by reducing redness by 16% and reducing chronic inflammation (-86% PGE2, -56% IL6),
  • maintain skin hydration by reducing water loss by 33% and by increasing the synthesis of hyaluronic acid (+47%)
  • protect the skin against oxidative stress caused by ROS (-28% O2 singlet, -57% DPPH, -65% lipoperoxidation)
  • strengthen the ECM by reducing the expression of MMP1 (-50%) and by stimulating the synthesis of ECM compounds (+78% laminin, +46% collagen VII).

The effectiveness and authenticity of ancient medicines used as inspiration for our new ingredient PhytAura™ make it a wise choice to naturally restore and strengthen skin well-being. Its extraction process also combines heritage and modern science in order to perfectly fit this trend.

Let’s travel to the other side of the world in Southern Europe and Northern Africa, where the Mediterranean beauty rituals have also shown their effectiveness credentials. Many millennia of use in food and beauty make olive an exceptional inspiration. Modern science and technology have confirmed this ancient empirical knowledge to extend it all parts of the tree. Our olive leaf extract offers a high content in polyphenols, oleuropein and vitamin E. Besides soothing and antibacterial properties, olive leaves have demonstrated exceptional antioxidant effects. As an ingredient of choice for well-ageing and better-ageing, Cosme-Phytami™ Olive Leaf will work its wonders for mature skin care.

 Aura Beauty - Inspired by the old, enhanced by the new

Take the lead in 2024!

Well-being and positive beauty will truly shape the cosmetic market in 2024, with inclusive and holistic care. Freedom under many forms will allow users to express themselves and to rely on traditions and modern science to take care of their skin and feel more beautiful than ever.

In the Beautanical Times, you will be able to find a summary of what beauty will be about in 2024, analysed by Crodarom and Alban Muller’s experts. Yes, there are more beauty concepts than the three selected ones for this article!
For a full presentation of 2024 beauty trends, make sure to contact your local sales representative: they will be delighted to share with you all the details about each major trends and beauty concepts, and propose the very latest of Croda Personal Care ingredients and formulation innovation, designed to meet evolving customer needs, also with a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility!


You may find a real interest for the Geo Skincare concept, which will be the topic of a full blog article by our botanical experts in June 2023, with extended literature, as well as deeper insights into the Aura Beauty concept, where tradition and science merge for performance, well-being and authenticity in cosmetics. Make sure to keep an eye for it!

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Beauty Trends 2024 - All about freedom under all its forms
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