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Colour of the year 2022, this year’s colour cosmetic trend

As society grapples with unprecedented change since the pandemic, Pantone’s colour of the year for 2022, PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri, signals a new era of hope, and reflects how our physical and digital lives have merged. 

Marrying blues with a violet, red undertone, this colour is described as reflecting a joyous outlook and inspiring the desire to experiment with expression and creativity. 

All in all, a perfect colour to inspire new looks for the colour cosmetics market. This blog will outline the key themes of this colour trend and the Croda solutions to invigorate your next make-up developments.
eye makeup inspired by the 2022 colour of the year very peri
“The Pantone Color of the Year reflects what is taking place in our global culture, expressing what people are looking for that colour can hope to answer.” said Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute. “Creating a new colour for the first time in the history of our PANTONE Color of the Year educational colour program reflects the global innovation and transformation taking place. As society continues to recognise colour as a critical form of communication, and a way to express and affect ideas and emotions and engage and connect, the complexity of this new red violet infused blue hue highlights the expansive possibilities that lay before us”.

Explore the trend – colour pallete inspiration

Instil wellness
Holistic combinations blend natural shades that bring health-giving properties and can generate a narrative of nourishment and care.

Very Peri Wellness colour palette

Embrace amusements
Combining Veri Peri with other joyful and whimsical harmonies brings a colour story of fun and spontaneity. 

Very Peri Amusements colour palette
To find out more about creating a colour palette like the one above, I have spoken to our colour cosmetics expert Jaemi Ong. Jaemi shows you how you can use Croda’s line of Moonshine™ products to achieve this mesmerising range of colours. 

Meet the trend - Create the Very Peri amusements palette with Jaemi Ong and Croda’s Moonshine Effect Pigments

Very Peri is a lovely choice for colour of the year! To me, this colour is cool, calming, yet mysterious. You can use Croda’s line of Moonshine effect pigments to achieve this mesmerizing periwinkle shade.

Amusements colour palette - Very Peri

Ultra Effect Amethyst Purple Ultra Shimmer is a rich purple but mixing in Effect Silver White Shimmer lightens the purple and blue tones. The result is a shimmery version of Very Peri, the intriguing bluish lavender set off by twinkles of silver. This mixture contains 4.67% of Amethyst Purple Ultra Shimmer and 1.87% of Effect Silver White Shimmer.

Very Peri Amusements colour palette Moonshine swatches

As Helene mentioned, Very Peri can be used as a springboard to create colour palettes that inspire certain moods. Very Peri Amusements brings together complimentary bold and fun shades. We’ve already shown how to create Very Peri with Moonshine effect pigments; now we’ll show you how to achieve the other shades in the Amusements colour palette!

  • This bright yellow shade is easily achieved with only one Moonshine effect pigment: Ultra Effect Golden Yellow Sparkle at 4.76%. The larger particle size gives this mixture a more dazzling appearance, but if you are looking for a smaller particle, we also offer Ultra Effect Golden Yellow Shimmer.
  • The next shade is a bright deep pink. Since we do not have an exact match of this pink amongst our Moonshine effect pigments, I coloured the base using a product from Alban Muller. Alban Muller is a company that specializes in natural ingredients and has recently joined the Croda family. They offer a range of natural colourants called Tinctami. Tinctamis are tinctorial plant extracts dispersed in sunflower oil. In this mixture, Tinctami Sappan is used at 1.15% to redden the base. Next Ultra Effect Hot Pink Sparkle is added at 2.88% to give the bright pink glittering effect.
  • Like the bright yellow shade, the teal colour can be made by using just one of the Moonshine effect pigments. Here Ultra Effect Deep Turquoise Ultra Shimmer is used at 4.76%. Ultra Effect Deep Turquoise is only available in the Ultra Shimmer particle size. Ultra Shimmers are the smallest particle size in the Moonshine portfolio, thus providing the most coverage.
  • The last shade in the Amusements colour palette is a bright light blue. I used a combination of four effect pigments to match it. 1.74% of Ultra Effect Brazen Blue Shimmer provided the main blue colour; however, the mixture was too dark and deep. I lightened the blue using the white bulk colour of Astral Blue Super Shimmer, added at 6.09%. The Moonshine Astral series is an interference-type of effect pigment. It has a white bulk tone but appears blue when viewed at different angles. Ultra Effect Deep Turquoise Ultra Shimmer was added at 3.48% to decrease the intensity of the blue. Finally, 1.74% of Effect Silver White Shimmer was also added to impart a bit more shine and dimension to the shade.

I really enjoyed colour-mixing the vibrant shades of Amusements with Moonshine effect pigments! Please note the amounts used here are for demonstration purposes and are offered as a starting point only. The shades may appear differently in your formulation base, and quantities will need to be adjusted accordingly. Nevertheless, we hope you’ve been just as inspired as us by Very Peri! 

Scroll to download the Very Peri Amusements Colour Palette with Croda's Moonshine Effect Pigments.

Meet the trend - formulation inspiration

Taking inspiration from the trend elements discussed above, I have spoken to another of our colour cosmetics experts, Afshan Nayyir-Mazhir, who has chosen her favourite colour of the year inspired look. Afshan discusses her chosen look and explores how you can achieve it with Croda ingredients and formulation inspiration. 

I absolutely love the new Pantone 2022 colour Very Peri, it is one of my favourite colours.
For make-up it is an amazing colour as it can be used to create subtle and dramatic make up looks. Another reason why I love this colour is that it has a holistic vibe, and it’s a very calm and relaxing colour, something much needed following the pandemic.

I always love a glam look, a purple smoky eye is one of my favourite looks and this can be achieved with Very Peri. The make-up looks that I have chosen can be seen below, it was hard to choose just one! 

Look 1

Colour of the year makeup look 1

If you look at the look above the first thing that I am drawn to is how they have done the eyes so creatively by using different colours and effects to achieve this eye look. The great thing about this look, is that it can be achieved using our products and guide formulations.

Our Moonshine Ultra Effect Amethyst Purple Ultra Shimmer can be used to darken the outer corner and crease of the eyes and help to create, depth and dimension. This technique will also make your eyes pop. The Ultra Effect Amethyst Purple Ultra Shimmer has a small particle size of 10-60 um which will give excellent coverage and a really nice stain finish. 

Have a look at our pressed powder formulation Twilight Purple Satin Pressed Eyeshadow DT0029, which can be packed onto the eye several times if a darker colour is required for more depth. The formulation contains Majestem™ Drypure which works to reduce fine lines and protect the delicate eye area from environmental pollutants. The inclusion of Crodabond™ CSA also helps the formulation to have long wearing properties.

The Moonshine Effects Violet Shimmer and Gold Shimmer can be used on the remaining eyelid, starting with the Violet Shimmer towards the outer eyelid and finishing off with the Gold Shimmer in the inner eyelid. Blending each colour into one for a smooth flawless gradient, the different colours give the eyes more dimensions. The Violet Shimmer can also be used along the lower lash line to really make the eyes stand out. All moonshine effect pigments have a borosilicate substrate, which gives the products an amazing effect especially when the light hits them. If you want a more of a sparkle effect why not try the Moonshine Effects Violet Sparkle and Gold Sparkle. 

To add more dimension and depth a colour travel effect can be added. We have Red Violet Blue Colour Travel effect pigments in three particle sizes: 

  • shimmer (30-100 um)
  • sparkle (40-150 um) 
  • ultra sparkle (50-200 um).

To highlight the inner corner of the eye and under the brow bone a light shimmery effect pigment can be used. My favourite go to products for this are the Moonshine Astral White Shimmer, Astral White Super ShimmerEffect Series White Shimmer or the Ultra Effect Grey Shimmer

What I love about this product is the amazing silver effect can be seen with slight inference of different colours and that this effect is achieved without the products containing any Silver or Aluminium. These effects pigment will add lift and make your brows pop and by adding a light shimmer (You need to go for a smaller particle sized effect pigment) to the inner corner of the eye, this will help brighten your eyes.

Published by

  • Helene Hine Global Marketing Manager
  • Jaemi Ong Lead Applications Scientist
  • Afshan Nayyir-Mazhir Lead Applications Scientist

Very Peri Amusements Colour Palette with Croda's Moonshine Effect Pigments

Very Peri Amusements Colour Palette with Crodas Moonshine Effect Pigments
3.0 MB

Very Peri make-up inspiration - look 1

Very Peri makeup inspiration - look 1
924.6 KB
Collage of faces and hands with graphics of glitter to represent Croda's Moonshine Effect Pigments

Moonshine™ Effect Pigments

Our range of 56 effect pigments have a variety of particle sizes and effects which can be seen across our 5 ranges: Astral series, Colour Travel series, Ultra Colour Travel series, Effect series and Ultra Effect series.

Look 2 

For this eye look the same colours and effect can be recommended to get that eyeliner look. Why not try our Peel Off Eyeliner BR0092. This formulation contains Beautifeye™ to treat eyelids and visibly lift them up, and Crodarom® Violet Rice an antioxidant rich, nourishing and revitalizing extract for beautiful skin.

For the cheeks look at our guide formulation Fresh Look Lip and Cheek Stain CK0067. This formulation contains our Moonshine® Astral Effect Gold Shimmer which provides a healthy glow with its light gold shimmering effect, and Volarest® FL which provides a light and cool sensation.

When you have smokey eyes what works really well is having a nude lipstick or lip gloss such as our Limitless Wear Lip Glaze ED0136. Crodabond™ CSA contributes long-wear and exceptional gloss to the formulation and the inclusion of Volulip™ provides volume and hydration.

A holographic lipgloss with a bouncy texture, would also really compliment the purple smoky eyes. The Whipping Gloss JP0181, or the Very Peri lipgloss as I like to call it, uses the Moonshine® Effect Series Violet Sparkle and Colour Travel Series Red Violet Blue Sparkle. The high levels of Crolatum VL provide a whipping and bouncy texture.

Have fun in the lab exPERImenting with our moonshine effect pigments range and other Croda products to create your own VERY PERI glam look for 2022.

Very Peri make-up inspiration - look 2

Very Peri makeup inspiration - look 2
1.3 MB

ExPERIment with Pantone’s colour of the year, Very Peri!

Colour cosmetic ingredients

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