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Create with Croda | Skin care formulation academy

Thank you for attending our first Create with Croda skin care formulation academy. We enjoyed hosting you and hope that you found the event useful and rewarding.

Please scroll down the page to download copies of the event presentations, discover more about the topics discussed and explore our portfolio of skin care ingredients. 

Create with Croda skin care formulation academy


Please find a copy of the presentations presented during the event below. 

Effortless cleansing

Fragrances in formulation design

Fundamentals of formulation

Fundamentals of formulation - Rheology modifiers

Fundamentals of formulation - SenStories

Mechanisms of moisturisation

SPF for daily wear

Create with Croda | Skin care ingredient pack

Create with Croda skin care ingredient pack cover
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Women of different ethnicities

Ingredients for skin care applications

Formulate innovative and effective products with amazing textures and trendy concepts from our active, emotive, effect and chassis ingredients. We enable you to answer the needs of consumers regardless of their region or their beauty routine.

Skin care topics

Click the links below to discover more about some of the topics we discussed at the academy.

Ageing beautifully with skin care actives from Croda

Ageing beautifully

Ageing doesn't mean losing beauty when using powerful and renowned ingredients. Discover our range of anti-ageing active ingredients to offer innovative solutions to age beautifully and meet consumers' new expectations, whatever their age.

Beautiful female with water splashing on her face demonstrating effortless cleansing from Croda's range of  high performance cleansing ingredients

Effortless cleansing

High-performance ingredients including purifying ingredients, gentle cleansing surfactants, low foam emulsifiers and natural exfoliants to easily remove long-lasting make-up, dirt or pollution particles.

Scientist in white lab coat trying on white cream on top of hand at lab bench

Formulation Science

Croda can provide guidance and inspiration for your next formulation that meets the needs of key consumer trends and technologies.

SenStories banner

SenStories™ selector tool

This tool helps you make suitable oil-in-water emulsifier recommendations based on consumer expectations to help develop skin care formulations with targeted sensories.

Droplet of water creating flower pattern representing moisturisation in skin care products


Our moisturising solutions include humectants and emollients for skin care formulations but there are many other strategies depending on the sensory you desire.

millennial looking at smartphone

Ingredients for beyond UV protection

Our safe, sustainable, and innovative ingredients for infrared, blue light and pollution protection solutions.

Skin care ingredients

We hope that you were excited by the ingredients we showcased at the academy. Click the link below to find out more about them, and other solutions in our product portfolio.

Skin care product finder

Explore Croda's range
Create with Croda sun care formulation webinars

Create with Croda | Sun care formulation webinar

How can we prevent agglomeration when working with TiO2 powders?

Watch our solar protection experts, Helene Hine, Afshan Nayyir-Mazhir and Ellie Copsey, on demand in our first Create with Croda sun care formulation webinar. 

The first session in the series explored how to prevent agglomeration when working with TiOpowders and provided hints and tips to make superior solar formulations.

Our leading experts in UV protection formulation also covered ingredient choice, processing and evaluating your formulation, and provide the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. 
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