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Create with Croda | Skin care formulation academy | Unlocking ingredient potential

Thank you for attending our Create with Croda skin care formulation academy. We enjoyed hosting you and hope that you found the event useful and rewarding.

Please scroll down the page to download copies of the event presentations, discover more about the topics discussed and explore our portfolio of skin care ingredients. 

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Please find a copy of the presentations presented during the event below. 

Actives and emotives: how the formulation delivers

Advancing product development through automation and predictive modelling

The biology of skin

EEG approach in detecting emotions induced by skin care products

Fragrances in skin care

Impact of the emollient

The impact of the emulsifier on sensory

Impact of the emulsifiers

Create with Croda | Unlocking ingredient potential | Skin care ingredient pack

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Women of different ethnicities

Ingredients for skin care applications

Formulate innovative and effective products with amazing textures and trendy concepts from our active, emotive, effect and chassis ingredients. We enable you to answer the needs of consumers regardless of their region or their beauty routine.

Skin care topics

Click the links below to discover more about some of the topics we discussed at the academy.

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Emollient Ingredients

Croda’s extensive range of emollients offers a broad spectrum of sensory and functional benefits to provide infinite formulation flexibility.

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Choosing the best emulsifier for your formulation can be a challenging task. So being well-informed on your options and what effects these will deliver, is key.

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Sensory and texture play a vital role in beauty & personal care, differentiating products and stimulating thoughts about these products. Learn how Croda can assist in ingredient selection to evoke targeted experiences from your formulations.

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SenStories™ selector tool

This tool helps you make suitable oil-in-water emulsifier recommendations based on consumer expectations to help develop skin care formulations with targeted sensories.

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Formulation Science

Croda can provide guidance and inspiration for your next formulation that meets the needs of key consumer trends and technologies.

Skin care ingredients

We hope that you were excited by the ingredients we showcased at the academy. Click the link below to find out more about them, and other solutions in our product portfolio.

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