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IFSCC Congress 2022: igniting passion in the Personal Care industry

Lifelong learning sometimes feels like a buzz phrase that people use on LinkedIn but for me it is one of the main benefits of joining the Society of Cosmetic Scientists (SCS). Membership to SCS gives you so much more than just being able to add the letters MSCS to the end of your name, it means joining a community of scientists who want to advance the science of cosmetics.


In this blog to find out first-hand about the Society of Cosmetic Scientists (SCS) and how it benefits its members who want to facilitate the advancements of cosmetic science and who find inspiration and passion through it for the personal care industry. Also SCS are hosting this year’s IFSCC Congress that will be taking place in London, and Croda Personal Care is supporting this prestigious event with platinum sponsorship. Stay tuned to find out about our presentations and poster submissions that have been accepted from the Croda group for this year’s congress, which are a credit to the innovation and great people we have at Croda around the globe...

IFSCC Congress 2022 Logo

The SCS holds several events throughout the year including the annual London Lecture series which offers talks on diverse topics that give you an insight that you may not get from your day job within the industry. Last year I learnt about sustainable fragrances, the history of azo pigments and tattoo inks. I left each talk with new knowledge and an even heightened sense of the amazing work behind the products I use every day, although I must confess the tattoo inks talk did not inspire me to get one...

A highlight of the programme, for me, last year was the cosmetic careers event, which you can still watch on YouTube
. Learning about the different pathways people have taken to get into the industry and the different roles always inspires me and for anyone who wants to work in cosmetic science it is a must-watch. As part of the Scientific Programme Committee in charge of putting on these lectures I may be biased but the programme for this year is set to be just as interesting (and hopefully even better) and they are all completely free as part of your membership!

 Without trying to sound cliché it really is the people that make the SCS. People from all areas of cosmetic science who all share a passion for the industry, and the more people that join the greater the community becomes. This year the Young SCS Network will be created in the society with the hopes of giving young people within the industry a greater voice within the society and aims to create a strong network that showcasing the diversity and passion of young people who are either already working in the industry or want to do so. With a membership containing everyone from students to senior scientists and brand owners there is rarely a question or a need that can’t be answered by someone within the society and this is what makes it such a great thing to be part of.  


As well as hosting their annual SCS Formulate event, this year the SCS will be hosting the 32nd IFSCC Congress in London. This promises to be an amazing event showcasing the leading research and innovation in the industry, and we are proud to be supporting the event with platinum sponsorship. 


IFSCC 2022 London Landscape


The theme for this year’s IFSCC Congress is ‘Where Beauty, Science and Innovation Meet’ and this perfectly fits with our strong heritage of innovation and reflects the need for partnership and collaboration to drive real change for the future. This is particularly essential to meet the challenges facing the world today, to build a more sustainable future for all. We are very proud of the presentation and poster submissions that have been accepted from the Croda group for this year’s congress, which is a credit to the innovation and great people we have at Croda around the globe.

Dr. Tony Gough, IFSCC President Elect has said: “We are thrilled to welcome Croda as a Platinum Sponsor of the 32nd IFSCC Congress, a prestigious event that would not be possible without such generous sponsorship support. IFSCC 2022 will be a wondering feast of high-quality podium and poster presentations on the latest cosmetic science.”

Laura Willemsen, Vice President of Marketing in Consumer Care here at Croda added: “The IFSCC brings together industry partners to successfully bring science and technology into the cosmetics industry. It is our Purpose to being smart science to improve lives and every day, our teams work in collaboration with partners on novel innovation and science to meet the ever-evolving consumer needs. This year’s conference themes resonate with our science and innovation priorities, and we are excited to contribute and to present the concepts from our Beauty Actives and Beauty Formulations R&T teams and engage with partners on novel scientific developments and opportunities. It is a pleasure to support the organisation in the London edition, close to our headquarters in Yorkshire, UK.”

IFSCC 2022 London LandscapeThis sponsorship not only demonstrates our commitment to innovation in the personal care industry, but it also celebrates our long-standing history of market-leading innovation. Dedicated to meeting evolving consumer needs, as well as maintaining a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, we are a global partner developing creative, on-trend solutions with a commitment to innovation, technical expertise, and sustainability.


As well as supporting the IFSCC Congress, Croda, Sederma and Crodarom have all had their technical poster and podium presentation submissions approved for the event, reflecting the truly innovative spirit of our business:


  • On day one of the Congress, Sederma’s Richard Leroux will be delivering a podium presentation on a new pentapeptide that improves skin surface damages on the face that are induced by Cutibacterium acnes activity.


  • Croda’s Karine Desseille,Technology Development Manager from the Croda France team will take to the podium on day two of the Congress where alongside Jasmine Leong, Technology Development Manager from our team in Singapore, they will present on bridging consumer and technical sensory perspective on characterisation of skin products.


  • Day three will see Paul Saporito, Lead Research Scientist from our Croda Inc team in North America present on WOWing the market with a PEG-free option: a novel water-in-oil-in-water emulsifier.


  • On day three of the 32nd IFSCC Congress 2022, discover a sustainable and functional alternative to microplastics in cosmetic applications in a podium presentation that will be delivered by Alexandria Trigiani.


Technical posters will also be on show at event with members of our Personal Care team on-hand to discuss. These posters include assessing UV damage and antioxidant influence on human hair using a combination of spectroscopic, thermal and physical measurements from the Croda hair care team, characterisation of knee ageing by fringes projection, standardised pictures and viscoelastic methods with Emanuel Doridot, Research Manager from the Sederma team. Also, from our Sederma team is Caroline Ringenbach, Research Manager, who will be available to talk through her technical poster that deals with bioprinting technology to build a new equivalent skin model with sebaceous gland-like structures. Crodarom will be represented by Lead Research Scientist for R&T, Amandine Fischer who will be present to discuss a new fruit extract project.


We will be exhibiting at the IFSCC Congress on stand number 40, with representation available from across the Croda group. Look out for our stand at the Congress that celebrates almost one hundred years of innovation for Croda Personal Care with many, many milestones!


To find out more about the 32nd IFSCC Congress 2022, click HERE.

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