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Crodarom’s Latest Innovation – PhytAura™

The increasing occurrence of various skin conditions that we observe today can be linked to the many upheavals of climate change and the recent sanitary events, as well as the use of inappropriate cosmetic products. Among these conditions, sensitive skin is becoming more common, bringing skin well-being as a new main focus to beauty routines.


Skin balance inspired by Chinese traditions

PhytAura™ has been developed with Croda China team to address sensitive skin, by soothing the skin quickly, maintaining hydration and strengthening the skin barrier, from natural and effective raw materials, inspired from Chinese Traditional Medicine.

An ingredient inspired by Chinese Traditional Medecine

PhytAura™ is a combination of botanical extracts, designed to stimulate the body’s own restorative mechanisms, thanks to the synergy of 4 plants taken from an ancestral prescription: skullcap root, liquorice root, peony root and jujube fruit.

Its optimised manufacturing process combines heritage and modern science.


Improved skin well-being

Whilst most ingredients seek to provide skin instant relief, PhytAura™ improves skin comfort and restore the skin barrier function, thanks to several proven effects:

  • Anti-redness properties,
  • Hydration & skin barrier protection,
  • Skin strengthening effects.

We suggest PhytAura™ for applications such as a skin glow enhancer, a calming cream, a recovery mask, or a face wash for sensitive skin.

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PhytAura - Skin Balance inspired by Chinese Traditions
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Crodarom takes its inspiration from nature to create innovative and eco-designed botanical extracts. Let’s escape through original and creative concepts to offer your formula a natural touch of emotion!

PhytAura - Restored Skin Balance inspired by Chinese Traditional Medecine

Discover PhytAura™

Skin Balance inspired by Chinese Traditions

PhytAura™ is a synergy of 4 botanical extracts with soothing, hydration maintaning and strengthening properties, designed to improve skin well-being and restore skin balance, providing long-term relief to sensitive skin.
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