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Crystalide is awarded the PCHi Fountain Award 2019

Sederma, leader in the creation and production of active ingredients, and part of Croda International, has just been awarded in China with the PCHi Fountain Award for Moisturising/Hydration Active Ingredient for Crystalide™, its bio-highlighter peptide designed to make the skin clear, uniform and glowy just like a piece of crystal. This innovation from Sederma, especially developed to achieve long-term translucent glass-like skin, was recognised as the perfect marriage between technology and trend.

Crystalide™ an active ingredient, highlighter peptide creating a crystal skin

“Crystalide™ was inspired by the Korean ‘glass skin’ trend. Everybody loves that type of skin, but the selfie trend is really hot in Asia and that’s why glass skin has become such a big thing here” said Chris Kuk, technical marketing manager of Croda, who received the award on behalf of Sederma.

Crystalide™ belongs to a third generation of cosmetic peptides that offer the best activity/structure relationship possible for an increased bioavailability and efficiency. A full range of studies demonstrated this unique peptide’s ability to exert a holistic activity in the epidermis, from the deep layers to the skin surface: It induces the chaperone protein α-crystallin to preserve skin transparency while its soft-polish effect reveals a uniform glow. Crystalide™ has also been demonstrated to exert an epigenetic regulation leading to a harmonious skin maturation and improvement of the skin surface quality.

“This award is a fantastic recognition of the Sederma’s Laboratory of Prospective and Applied Chemistry know-how in cosmetic peptide development” said Olga Gracioso, Sederma Marketing Director. A success which is continuing as Sederma is the inventor of Matrixyl®, the reference of anti-ageing peptide in the Cosmetic industry. Crystalide™ is IECIC approved.

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  • Pascaline Criton Marketing Communications Manager

Crystalide™ product overview sheet

Crystalide™ an active ingredient, highlighter peptide creating a crystal skin
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Crystalide™ an active ingredient, highlighter peptide creating a crystal skin


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