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Our EMEA highlights from 2021

Well, we thought after the difficult year we all experienced in 2020, that the year 2021 would be a lot better. This has proved not to be the case, and we all continue to face challenging times. Despite this, here at Croda Personal Care, we have continually adapted to be there for all of our customers, providing the very best service, in the very best way can. Here, we are delighted to share our Personal Care highlights for 2021.
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Our R&D and commercial teams were busy creating new products and ingredients that launched in 2021. These included Croda’s Nutrinvent Balance™, a new novel encapsulation technology that ensures the targeted delivery and controlled release of actives onto the scalp and hair. This delivers instant sebum reduction on the scalp, providing consumer perceivable improvements in scalp oiliness and hair aesthetics, leaving hair that looks and feels cleaner for longer. 

Our solar protection team was delighted to launch the very latest addition to our Solaveil™ range, Solaveil MicNo® . This innovative range of Zinc Oxide (ZnO) powders and dispersions, based on patented platelet-shaped structures, ensure the particles are large enough to be suitable for natural and COSMOS approved formulations that fit with consumer expectations, whilst also being transparent on the skin.

Sederma had an amazing launch for 2021 with their brand-new naturally-derived active ingredient, Ameyezing™. Effective on both hyperpigmented and vascular dark circles around the eye contour for naturally brighter eyes, this eco-socio-designed ingredient is obtained from supercritical CO2 extraction of Zingiber zerumbet rhizomes, sourced from an Ecocert for Life responsible enterprise.

The Crodarom team launched Crodarom® Amethyst GL and Phytolea™ Pomegranate to complement their wide range of botanical ingredients. Lithotherapy has recently become an alternative medicine for well-being and self-care and Crodarom Amethyst GL is perfect to match this trend in helping to achieve healthy glowing skin and hair that is energised. Phytolea Pomegranate is the latest in Crodarom’s Phytolea range, created to answer the quest by consumers to reduce water waste. This amazing botanical has an endless list of benefits and can be used in practically all applications from body and skin care, to hair and colour cosmetics. The additional benefits of pomegranate can be also be discovered with other ingredients from Crodarom, and our newly acquired natural product designer, Alban Muller, with their 360° of pomegranate, for a complete beauty routine.

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With Sederma, Croda’s cosmetic active ingredient specialist, we are able to provide active ingredients with substantiated efficacy for Skin Care, Hair Care and Body Care. We can assist you on claims for anti-ageing, moisturising, sebum control and more.

  • High Quality Standard: Our ingredients go through rigorous quality testing like ISO and EffCI GMP to ensure it complies to international standards.
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New Initiatives

We used 2021 to launch two new initiatives. Our new SenStories™ selector tool is now available, designed to help you find your perfect emulsifier. It utilises reliable, reproducible methodology to connect insights on consumer perception and language choice, with the knowledge that ingredient combination and colloidal structure are responsible for a given sensory. Click HERE to give it a try!

Our Mythbusting with Croda initiative was launched last year by our talented team of technical and marketing experts, with the aim of debunking the myths that surround the personal care industry.  Our first two ‘Myth busters’ tackle the falsehoods that surround solar protection. Read more about Sunscreen and UV filter myth busters and Myth busting clean sunscreens by clicking on the links, and look out for more ‘Mythbusting’ in the coming months.

Company news

2021 was certainly the year for new acquisitions for Croda Personal Care. We enhanced our position as a world leader in natural and botanical actives with the integration of Alban Muller early in the year. Renowned for their eco-responsible approach to developing innovative botanical extracts, natural formulation ingredients and natural organic cosmetics, the addition of Alban Muller to our personal care business expands our portfolio of sustainable active ingredients for customers.

The acquisition of global flavours and fragrance companies Iberchem, and Parfex, specialising in the creation of fragrances for cosmetics and personal care, fine perfumes and home care products, means that Croda can now offer the complete formulation package, and we look forward to including these exciting fragrances in our formulation development for 2022. 

Trends and inspiration

Beauty in Simplicity is as relevant in 2022 as it was in 2021. Focusing on self-care and a ‘less is more’ approach to personal care, Beauty in Simplicity still provides the most up-to-date market intel, and offers a series of formulations that are designed to be sophisticated and yet simple. Utilising a low number of efficient ingredients and at low useage levels, these formulations are an ideal fit with the demand for minimalist formulation and beauty. Click HERE to discover more about the trend and related formulations.

Two of our most popular campaigns for 2021 were related to beauty that reflects consumer concerns for ethical beauty and the environment. We launched our Water Conscious Beauty campaign with our Top Five Waterless Formulations, inspiring formulas in various innovative formats, that meet the needs of consumers concerned about the environmental impact of their personal care products. These include, amongst others, Shape and Play Cleansing Sand, Gel-Oil-Milk Transformative Cleanser, Melting Hair Pop Treatment, and an on trend Shampoo Bar. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, or to request samples of these amazing formulations*. You can also find out more about the water conscious beauty trend by clicking HERE

The past couple of years have seen an incredible rise in the demand for vegan products. Veganism is no longer associated with just food, and the number of product launches for personal care products with vegan/no animal ingredient claims has risen by a huge 537% between 2015 and 2020**. To meet this demand for vegan suitable*** ingredients Croda have launched Choosing Compassionate Beauty, providing you with a list of Croda’s vegan suitable*** ingredients that you can integrate into your personal care products and formulations. Using our new Green Product Finder, you can filter out all of our vegan suitable*** products.

We launched our Phantasmagoria Trend at the right time to fit in with Halloween! This ‘glam meets gore’ colour trend experiments with dark and dramatic aesthetics, looking to horror, the fastest growing genre of recent times, and perfectly matches the colour cosmetics trend for A/W 21/22. Read our blog to check out favourite makeup looks chosen by our colour cosmetics experts, and how these can be achieved using Croda ingredients and formulation inspiration.


We had hoped to exhibit at the annual, global in-cosmetics exhibition in 2021 but unfortunately the show was postponed for the second year running. Not wanting to lose the connection we have with our customers using events such as in-cosmetics, we hosted our second successful virtual sustainability conference, The beauty of sustainability in action. This one-day event saw industry leaders, technical experts and sustainability pioneers from across the industry come together to explore the latest challenges and advances in personal care. To find out more about the conference, and to watch on demand, click HERE.

All was not lost for 2021 in terms of face-to-face engagement with customers and we were able to participate in a number of local exhibitions and conferences throughout the EMEA regions. These included SCS Formulate (UK), InterCHARM (Russia), Cosmetorium (Spain), Making Cosmetics (Italy), Cosmetics Business (Germany), HPCI (Poland) and International Cosmetics Congress (Turkey). Although digital events are a safe and convenient way of engaging and our virtual initiatives this year have been incredibly successful, we do hope that for 2022 we can also participate in the trade shows that bring us close to our customers offline. Read more about The return of the exhibition, which explores the pros and cons of online vs offline events, and looks at the personal experiences of our Croda colleagues who were finally able to attend face-to-face shows in 2021.

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