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Facial coverings and the widespread use of face masks is impacting the beauty industry

2020 was the year where everyday life has changed for everyone. No matter where in the world you are, COVID-19 has had some impact on the way we live and interact with each other. Although facial coverings have been popular in Asia for some time, the global pandemic has rapidly increased the usage of facial masks, or coverings, and they are becoming the new normal. People are increasingly having to using masks in public places and on public transport, for extended periods of time, and this is changing consumer expectations and requirements, when it comes to their beauty and cosmetic routines.
Female with a face mask

Croda has created a brand-new presentation and webinar that explores the origins and culture behind facial coverings and how modern society, and social media have reacted to the wearing of masks in response to COVID-19. It also looks at how the more widespread use of face masks is impacting the beauty industry, and how consumers are adapting their behaviours in these unusual times. Croda has identified three future beauty trends that have emerged as a result of facial coverings quickly becoming the ‘new normal’ and offers solutions to meet these trends and evolving consumer needs.

To discover more, view our webinar or download our presentation.

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  • Julie Ross Marketing Coordinator

Facial Coverings - The New Normal - Presentation

Female with a face mask
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Female with a face mask

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Didn't get to watch our webinar live? Follow the link to watch the webinar on Facial Coverings - the new normal on demand. This webinar will explore the evolution of face masks, how COVID-19 has accelerated the use of them, especially in western societies as well as how their use is impacting the beauty industry and consumers routines. 
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