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Glam meets gore with Phantasmagoria, this season’s colour cosmetic trend

As consumers experiment with fantasy and dark aesthetics this season, our Phantasmagoria trend presentation is the perfect source of inspiration. 

The colour cosmetics trend for A/W 21/22 taps into a darker and dramatic mood, inspired by horror, fear and escapism. Colours and textures are designed to shock and create drama with after-dark tones and thick glossy formulas (WGSN, 2021).
Beautiful female with striking black makeup to represent the Phantasmagoria colour trend
Explore the trend - key aspects

Embrace the dark side
Combine metallic details and colours with the darks for dramatic effect, creating an enticing mix.

Instil a minimalist message
A continued focus on ‘old meets new' styling will see minimalist and maximalist silhouettes merge.

Meet the trend - formulation inspiration

Taking inspiration from the trend elements discussed above, I have spoken to three of our colour cosmetics experts who have chosen their favourite Halloween makeup looks. They discuss their chosen look and explore how you can achieve it with Croda ingredients and formulation inspiration. 

Look 1 - Chosen by Helene Hine

mystical makeup look inspired by the phantasmagoria colour cos trend@lunautics on Instagram

I’ve chosen this mystical look as my favourite Insta Halloween look. It has got everything: beautiful natural skin, glamour, shimmer, glitter and a bold lip. I love how it is not scary or spooky, but definitely a Halloween vibe.

The eyes have such exquisitely blended colours that give it an “other world” quality. The compliment of blue, purple and green look harmonious together and the shimmer placement really makes the eyes pop. In this look the dark bold lip doesn’t distract from the eyes and just balances out the rest of the face.

Another thing I enjoy about this makeup look is that once you’ve perfected the eyes you could easily do this look without the lip and glitter, and it would just be stunning and striking eye make-up.

At Croda we have the Borealis Green Satin Pressed Eyeshadow (ED0181) containing Moonshine™ Ultra Effect Emerald Green Ultra Shimmer which would provide a stunning green eye to work with. Our Metallic Fusion Lipstick Sapphire Moon (ED0080A) would give a beautiful blue lip that would really compliment this look if the black is too much.

Look 2 - Chosen by Jaemi Ong

corpse bride makeup look inspired by the phantasmagoria colour cos trend@heirofglee on Instagram

I love seeing all the creative ways people use makeup for Halloween! I was impressed by a myriad of makeup looks, but the one I selected is Phillicia Deanell’s (@heirofglee) “Corpse Bride.” It is eerie yet beautiful, which is definitely the right vibe for this look.

The eyes were done cleverly to portray the wide-eyed Emily from the “Corpse Bride” movie. By extending the circular framing of her eyes and applying eyebrows quite high on her face, Deanell achieved the dramatic proportions of Emily. With her softly gradient lips and complete blue face tint, Deanell was clearly inspired by the Corpse Bride. I love how she added her own unique touches to the look to make it more mesmerizing.  The jewelled accents are like sparkly tears to add a bit of glam to Emily’s forlorn countenance. The purple highlights around her “eyes” create depth. The volume of bright blue curly hair gives Deanell’s look more life of which Emily would be envious.

Croda has several effect pigments in our Moonshine portfolio that could help achieve this look. I recommend Amethyst Purple Ultra Shimmer, Brazen Blue Shimmer, and Astral Silver White Super Shimmer to use in an eyeshadow around the eyes. Our Black Brow Bomb Pomade (ED0177) could be applied with a fine makeup brush to outline the eye area. Brazen Blue Shimmer in a pencil or stick could also be used for contour. Matte Lip Crème (TH4146B) can be used as a base formula; just change the shade and use the formulation to colour the lips with a matte finish.

Look 3 - Chosen by Afshan Nayyir-Mazhir

blue and turquoise bat makeup look inspired by the phantasmagoria colour cos trend@1princessjasmine on Instagram

One of my greatest passions is make up, and how the power of make-up can transform a person’s appearance completely. I love glam make-up and when it comes to Halloween, I love seeing how people do hybrid glam and Halloween looks and all the thought and creativity that goes behind these make-up looks is amazing. I have chosen the look above because it's glam and Halloween, with added shimmer and sparkle, which I love.

The first thing that I was drawn to is how the eye make-up was so creatively done. Using a combination of silver, blues, greens and purples works really well. Extending the eye make-up to create a different wing effect, a bat wing, was very clever, and using the blue with the green sparkle within the wing gives a completely glam vibe. Adding  shimmer has created more dimension and helped to make these eyes stand out. I also love the way that they have added sparkle along the eyeliner on the eyelid, which has helped to create more depth and make the eyes more glam. The use of the bat and witch stickers is cute and adds more of a Halloween vibe.

I was impressed with how the lips were done, and how adding a holographic shimmer accentuates the lips to give a 3D effect.

At Croda we have a lot of great guide formulations that can be used to achieve this make-up look. 

blue and turquoise bat makeup look inspired by the phantasmagoria colour cos trend

To achieve the eye look we have Moonshine™ Ultra Effect Emerald Green, Amethyst Purple and Pebble Grey Ultra shimmers. They have a small particle size (10-60 Um), which will provide more coverage and a satin effect. We also have some pressed eyeshadow formulations. Why not take a look at the following formulations to get some inspiration: Borealis Green Satin Pressed Eyeshadow (ED0181) and Laguna Blue Satin Pressed Eyeshadow (DT0031).

The Moonshine Grey sparkle or shimmer can be used to go over the eyeliner on top of the lid. These effects are coated with a reduced TiO2 (Ti/TiO2) to give the effect pigments an intense silver colour. Even though these effects have one primary colour tone, they have a slight interference, which can add more depth and dimension in a formulation look. This can also be seen in my chosen make up look.

The great thing about all of our grey effect pigments (silver) is that they are free from the use of pure silver and aluminium, but you can still see an intense effect.

blue and turquoise bat makeup look inspired by the phantasmagoria colour cos trend

For the cheeks, take a look at the Pop of Colour MultiBeauty Stick – Cranberry Crush (ED0162) formulation. You can ensure that this pop of colour will last with Crodabond™ CSA imparting effective, long-lasting properties.

To highlight the cheeks, eye area and eyebrow bone, the green shimmer from the effect series can be used.

blue and turquoise makeup look inspired by the phantasmagoria colour cos trend

If we take a look at the lips, we have the Matte Lipstick Duo (ED0076a) formulation. The colour can be changed to green and it is a great lipstick formulation base, which uses Crodamol™ ISIS to help moisturise and condition the lips over time.

To create a 3D effect on the upper lip line, the Moonshine Effect pigment Blue Green Gold shimmer colour travel effect pigment can be used.

To finish off this make-up look and to make it last longer, while you are out enjoying Halloween, why not use our Make it Last Makeup Setting Spray (ED0026a).

What I really love about this look, is that the colours and effects can be changed according to the kind of look you would like to achieve. We have 56 Moonshine Effect with different colours and particle sizes to explore. These borosilicate-based pigments turn the ordinary into extraordinary, with their brilliant reflective properties creating a mesmerising effect.

Let your creativity and innovation run free for Halloween, and use our Moonshine range to create a unique Hallowshine look.

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Colour cosmetics Phantasmagoria trend

Glam meets gore - Phantasmagoria trend presentation

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  • Helene Hine Global Marketing Manager
  • Jaemi Ong Lead Applications Scientist
  • Afshan Nayyir-Mazhir Lead Applications Scientist
  • Abigail Usher Marketing Associate, Personal Care
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