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Three steps to happy hands - hand care regime

2020 was a tough year for hands and moving into 2021, this is unlikely to change! Frequent hand washing and sanitisation have highlighted just how important hand hygiene is as a key weapon against COVID-19. This has resulted in an increased need to not just keep hands clean, but also to care for them.
Three hand care formulations - Wash, Care, Treat
Croda’s Three Steps to Happy Hands is the theme for the latest Beauty Undefined campaign, an ongoing series thatshowcases Croda’s formulation expertise and brings together Croda’s novel ingredients, natural botanical ingredients from Crodarom, and bioactive ingredients from Sederma’s range of actives. Instead of showcasing just one formulation, our Three Steps to Happy Hands introduces three innovative formulations that represent each of the ‘steps’ required to achieving happy hands! It also includes a formulation kit and a video that shouldn’t be missed!

Alongside Beauty Undefined – Croda’s Three Steps to Happy Hands, is also a Power Hour webinar that explores how the hand care market has reacted to 2020. The webinar also presents unique concepts for hand care formats and introduces Croda’s three easy steps to clean, care for and treat skin on the hands.

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  • Julie Ross Marketing Associate

Download our Happy Hands Power Hour Presentation

Three hand care formulations - Wash, Care, Treat
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Three steps to happy hands

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