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Introducing Purposeful Beauty™ – Our new Beauty Care sustainability identity

Within the Personal Care industry, the consumer demand for high-performing, sustainable solutions is higher than ever, and growing rapidly. Conscious beauty consumers are becoming increasingly educated and driven to purchase purposefully – buying products that align with their personal, environmental, and social motivations. Safe ingredients, bio-based alternatives, and ethical sourcing are all now non-negotiables, with brands and suppliers alike expected to align with the progressing needs of the market. 

At Croda, we are pushing forward for positive change with every step we take. From ensuring an ethical and transparent supply chain in the sourcing of our materials; to reducing carbon emissions and energy usage in the manufacture of our ingredients; through to producing innovative formulations that provide essential solar protection, we are committed to achieving a more sustainable Personal Care industry – and our new Beauty Care sustainability identity, Purposeful Beauty™, will facilitate this shift.
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Croda Beauty Care is fully aligned with the Croda group commitment dedicated to achieving the global target of becoming Climate, Land and People Positive by 2030. And although our commitments to sustainability in the business are extensive and commendable, in Personal Care particularly, it is imperative that our messaging resonates with beauty brands and consumers, ensuring that our Personal Care specific goals align with those of sustainably focused consumers. We believe it is the role of brands and suppliers to authentically help guide consumers on their quest to become more sustainable. 

Furthering our corporate commitments, we are proud to introduce ‘Purposeful Beauty’ – the newly formed identity that will cover our Personal Care sustainability initiatives. The Purposeful Beauty identity was created to focus our Beauty Care sustainability efforts and projects behind distinct messaging, to ensure that our customers can recognise our voice. Through Purposeful Beauty, we have made it our mission to create ethical and responsible solutions that accelerate the evolution to a more sustainable future, ensuring a positive impact on both people and planet.

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With Purposeful Beauty, Croda intends to connect with our customers and stakeholders, to increase motivation for caring for the environment, as well as caring for one another. Within Purposeful Beauty we will be releasing various communications internally and externally to highlight our sustainability efforts within the Beauty Care business. Our customers can expect to learn more about how our sustainability goals affect their own practices, gain knowledge on various sustainability related topics, and hear from Croda as a thought leader in the area of sustainable beauty.  

Cara Eaton, Marketing Director, Croda Personal Care, stated “we are extremely excited to announce our new sustainability identity, ‘Purposeful Beauty™’, and know it will provide great opportunities to advance our thought leadership position in this area. This identity will facilitate the creation of unique, sustainability campaigns to address the constantly evolving sustainable innovation needs of our customers around the world. With Purposeful Beauty, we will address the growing demand in Personal Care for new, sustainable technologies, while mitigating our impact on the environment around us.”

To celebrate the launch of Purposeful Beauty, we are committed to donating 3,000 trees via One Tree Planted throughout April and May in celebration of Earth Day, a day dedicated to demonstrating support for environmental protection. According to “we lose around 10 million hectares of forest every single year”(1). Trees are of vital importance in our environment as they “help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habit to over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity”(2). The trees that are planted on behalf of the Purposeful Beauty initiative will help reforest lands damaged by wildfires, support the habitat for biodiversity, and create a positive impact for generations to come. 

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Together with Sederma, Crodarom and Alban Muller’s ‘Be Actively Committed’ sustainability identity, we look forward to continuing our leading position in the industry as a sustainable ingredient supplier and are certain that with Purposeful Beauty we will only further the work we have already done. 


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  • Christina Richardson Marketing Coordinator
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Purposeful Beauty™

Through Purposeful Beauty™, we have made it our mission to create ethical and responsible solutions that accelerate the evolution to a more sustainable future, ensuring a positive impact on both people and planet.

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