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Formulation shampoo bars – A novel format in the fight against plastic pollution

An innovative, solid format is growing in popularity with consumers who hope to reduce the impact they have on the world. Shampoo bars are not only easy to use and cleanse the hair, but their compact, solid format full of hair-loving ingredients makes them ideal travel companions that don’t eat into hand-luggage limits. All of this alongside their eco-credentials, what’s not to love!
A hand holding a shampoo bar in the foreground with a palm leaf in the background
Shampoo bars offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional shampoo bottles. Did you know that, according to research conducted by Lush, one shampoo bar is equivalent to three 250g bottles of shampoo? This re-usable format means less plastic packaging which appeals to consumers who are wanting to reduce waste in all aspects of their life. Carbon footprints can also be reduced; one lorry full of solid shampoo bars holds roughly the same number of washes as fifteen lorries filled with liquid shampoo, which reduces carbon emissions with less transportation.

To learn more about this trend and the ingredient solutions that we have to offer, check out our shampoo bar trend presentation or visit our Formulation Finder to view our range of shampoo and bar formulations for inspiration.

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  • Danielle Jamieson Marketing Coordinator

Shampoo bars trend presentation

Shampoo bar held in hand with natural palm leaves in background
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cosmetic formulation utilising natural ingredients to create on trend formulations

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