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One Croda Collection

The new One Croda Collection addresses industry needs and showcases the versatility of our products and formulations. This collection is about much more than just appeasing consumer desires and hopping on the latest beauty trend—it’s about actively making a difference in the beauty and personal care business to transform into a more inclusive, responsible, and sustainable industry. With features from Crodarom, Sederma, Alban Muller, and Parfex brands, these formulations embody Croda’s mission to use Smart science to improve lives.

one croda collection
all inclusive hairstyling

All-inclusive Hairstyling Fluid Gel

One-stop-shop for any hairstyle, from enhancing natural curls to perfecting that slicked back, polished ponytail, with the bonus of added hair care benefits.

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hair bonding and scalp revitalizing conditioner

Hair Bonding & Scalp Revitalizing Conditioner

Contains actives and botanicals that provide a restorative, rich omega fatty acid conditioner to repair and smooth hair cuticles with revitalizing scalp benefits.

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silky and smooth transformative lotion bar

Silky & Smooth Transformative Lotion Bar

Fun formats are in with this unique lotion bar. With just one convenient swipe, achieve visibly silky and hydrated skin.

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supple and protected skin barrier repair cream

Supple & Protected Skin Barrier Repair Cream

For anyone who's doing it all and needs a daily facial moisturizer that checks off all the boxes for skin protection and repair, this cream is for you.
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tropical mango melt

Tropical Mango Melt

Activate the transformative properties of this aromatherapy bar by massaging onto warm skin or melting the bar in a microwave to achieve a rich body oil.
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