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Peptides for skin: the key to a successful cosmetic product!

Have you ever heard about peptides? Do you know why peptides are key skincare actives needed to develop a successful cosmetic product? Peptides can do a lot for skin, including anti-wrinkle, firming, and rejuvenating hair follicles...

Let’s discover what peptides are, how these small linear chains of amino acids work, and why they are so successful in Personal Care, before exploring the many skin benefits offered by Sederma’s peptide range (e.g. Matrixyl®).

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What are peptides and how do they work?

Like proteins, peptides are composed of amino acids (AA) but they are smaller: proteins can be composed of hundreds of AA but only a maximum of 20 AA can make oligopeptides that are used in cosmetic applications.

Only very select endogenous peptides are involved in cell metabolism as upstream regulating messengers. This means that only a select few peptides, with very specific amino acid sequences, can ‘control’ a protein production pathway. It works like a key and a keyhole: a specific peptide sequence triggers the production of a specific protein.

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The challenge for scientists is to find the right amino acids and to put them in the right order to form the specific peptide, which triggers a specific intracellular protein production pathway. This enables the production of skin proteins such as collagens, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and other matrix components.

Discover a concrete example of how a peptide can stimulate fibroblasts to perform skin rejuvenation with this video:

What is peptide and how does it work? Example of Matrixyl®

Sederma's peptides for skin

Sederma's peptides for skin
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Matrixyl® Inside presentation

Matrixyl® Inside presentation
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To go further on Matrikines®, visit our website dedicated to the award-winning range of high-tech anti-wrinkle ingredients Matrixyl Inside.


Why are peptides so successful in Personal Care?

Mimicking peptide sequences that are found in the human body means these peptides reproduce natural mechanisms of action. To a certain extent, peptides can be considered as ‘natural’ active ingredients thanks to their biomimetic action, a big beauty trend that consumers are looking for! Beauty consumers are looking for safe products that deliver on the claims they are making, so the use of peptides with defined amino acid sequences and proven biological activity answers this consumer demand whilst being safe and cosmetically efficacious. Our Matrixyl® range speaks for itself...

All Matrixyl® ingredients have gone through rigorous testing on skin cells in the lab and in safe clinical studies on hundreds of volunteers. There is a visible wrinkle reduction after just 6 weeks of use, with our latest Matrixyl® product: Matrixyl® Morphomics®. 

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Beauty consumers have a great thirst for knowledge as they want to be able to easily identify the ingredients that make-up the personal care products they buy, and to check the effectiveness of these products.


Our Matrixyl® range meets this demand as it is known and recognised for its effectiveness by thousands of cosmetic professionals and consumers worldwide. Over 1,500* products across the globe trust Matrixyl® in their skin care formulas and claim it on their packaging. (*Source Mintel GNPD- Oct21).


But why are peptides so successful in Personal Care? They offer clear beauty benefits to skin and that’s what the consumer is searching for – beauty products that work!



 What do peptides do for skin care?

Different peptides are composed of different AA sequences they will have different beauty benefits. This means we need to clearly understand the difference between peptides for successful cosmetic applications. Sederma the forerunner in peptide development for cosmetic applications, has identified several sequences of amino acids stimulating the production of molecules that have a primary role in the maintenance of the skin properties.


Wrinkles are wounds of time, they appear because the skin is daily damaged by UV lights, pollution, free radicals, and so on. When the skin is old, the dermis becomes less dense, there is also less collagen, less elastin and wrinkles appear. Sederma has identified some of these peptides, Matrikines®, that can stimulate the fibroblast to make new collagen, new elastin, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid, and other extra-cellular matrix components.

What happens? The skin acts as young skin as it becomes denser with less visible wrinkles.

The Matrixyl ® range ( Matrixyl® , Matrixyl® 3000, Matrixyl® synthe’6, Matrixyl® Morphomics®) targets different types of wrinkles: forehead lines, frown lines, crow's feet, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines. Click the links above to find out more!


Firming benefits can be provided by Idealift®This peptide sequence not only stimulates elastin synthesis but also promotes correct and functional elastic fiber architecture by inducing the most important elements involved in tissue structure.

Based on the dipeptide Tyr-Arg which is naturally present in the body, Idealift® helps aging skin to fight against cutaneous sagging and decreases the visible effects of gravity on the skin. It also promotes a face contour lifting effect perceptible by the consumer after just 1 month.

blog peptide infographic2Fight against premature hair loss

Combination of a vitaminated matrikine (biotinyl-GHK) with apigenin (a natural flavonoid) and oleanolic acid from natural origin, Procapil® promotes hair anchoring by strengthening the follicle metabolism and structure. This product fortifies and rejuvenates hair follicles to prevent hair loss for both men and women.

blog peptide infographic3Eye contour

Haloxyl™ decreases dark circles while  Eyeliss™  reduces bags and puffiness under the eyes.

Association of 2 matrikines:Pal-GHK and Pal-GQPR withN-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) and a flavonoid: chrysin, Haloxyl™ decreases dark circles. Infra-orbital shadows are due to the accumulation of hemoglobin and its coloured degradation products (biliverdin, bilirubin and iron) in the dermis and epidermis. Chrysin stimulates the enzyme (UGT1A1) leading to the clearance of bilirubin. N-hydroxysuccinimide makes the iron soluble for elimination.

Thanks to the original association of these 3 actives, Eyeliss™  represents a global approach to treating puffy eyes by acting on the physiological deficiencies. Hesperidin methyl chalcone: decreases the capillary permeability. Dipeptide Valyl-Tryptophane (VW) increases lymphatic circulation, lipopeptide Pal-GQPR: improves firmness and elasticity, decreases inflammatory phenomena.

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Lip plumping with Volulip™ and Maxi-lip™, prevent and repair stretch marks with Regestril™, and a host of other benefits

Click the links above to discover our full peptide range, and be sure to reap the rewards of success with your product as well!


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