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Sun care formulation for Asian sensory

It is not easy to balance both sun protection performance and sun care sensory. Sensory is a customer’s first look and touch of a formulation. It forms the first impression and is also the top deciding factor for whether a product makes it to the cashier. This is especially true for sun care which requires reapplication across the day, it’s immediate and long-term skin-feel is especially important.

In a Mintel survey conducted with Chinese consumers (the biggest sun care market in APAC), their top expectations in sunscreen were:

#1 Protective Effect
#2 Safety
#3 Suitable for sensitive skin
#4 Sensory 

Sun Care Formulation for Asian Sensory - Perfecting the Sensory of Sun Care

With over three million cases of skin cancer globally each year, responsible for tens of thousands of deaths. Our range of sunscreens meet a clear need and are an important pillar of our sustainability commitment to be People Positive by 2030. Our capability is in mineral inorganic sunscreen filters that are the natural choice, certified safe by regulators.

In Asia, the importance of sun care cannot be diminished as consumers not only reach for sun care for its primary purpose of sun protection. It is also important for maintaining skin fairness and for anti-ageing, two buzz words that are key in the Asian skincare market. With the rise of multi-benefits in skincare products, sun care can also have additional properties like moisturising and anti-pollution (view our Beyond UV Protection page to find out more).

To meet the needs of consumers in different regions of the world, our R&D teams across Asia worked collaboratively on the research, panel testing and evaluation to optimise our sunscreen ingredients to suit the needs of our consumers in the Asian market.

It was found that Asia prefers translucent-to-transparent finishing of sunscreens, without leaving traces of white cast and tacky after-feel; which are normally observed with using conventional inorganic sunscreen in the market. These findings were in addition to other market benchmarks and criteria such as price, SPF and PA values.

The sensory evaluation and data analysis provided insights for our R&D teams to build on our existing expertise in inorganic sunscreens to provide a relevant solution – offering a high level of protection while retaining a light and refreshing sensorial feel without smearing. The formulations were created to cater to the different needs of the our customers and the consumers. To cater for the different budgets, we included a range of 100% physical sunscreens as well as a mix of physical and chemical sunscreens in our kit. In creating our formulations, we kept in mind the popular market benchmarks that we have shortlist based on consumers' preferences. Since starting to promote these ingredients, we have seen high levels of interest from customers across Asian markets. 

With extensive research into effective sun protection and product sensory, Croda is equipped to support all formulation needs. To learn how to gain an advantage in the market, watch our webinar to learn about the research findings and formulation kit.

Perfecting Sensory of Sun Care includes:

  1. The Sun Care Marketing Outlook
  2. Aligning the Market Needs
  3. Croda’s Sensory Analysis
  4. Formulations for Asian-Desired Sensory

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  • Raelene Yeo Technical Marketing Lead
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