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Croda Offers Full-service Beauty Solutions at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day 2023

Croda welcomed customers and colleagues to their stand at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day that took place in New York City, New York from May 2nd to 3rd. Suppliers’ Day attracts thousands of leading manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of raw materials and ingredients in the personal care industry to showcase their latest innovations. This year’s theme was “Reimagining Renewal & Wellness” and Croda easily delivered on that idea through their novel hair care, skin care, and solar care applications, along with their industry expertise. They presented on top trends including the Evolution of Clean Beauty and reminded attendees how sustainability is at the forefront of mind in everything they do.
croda employees at booth
Croda highlighted their newest product launches while also bringing back some customer favorites to offer a full range of solutions for hair care, skin care, and solar care. Derived from upcycled black spruce and made from an environmentally friendly process, ChromaPur™ CV2 & CV7 is a sustainable and functional alternative to plastic microbeads in skin care and colour cosmetics. With new hair care data on Incromine™ BD, it was highlighted to address the demand for a quat-free conditioning agent with effective anti-frizz benefits for more manageable hair. Finally, with Croda’s extensive line of solar care ingredients, Solaveil™ MicNo offers solutions for every formulator. Solaveil™ MicNo is a range of ZnO powders and dispersions on patented, platelet-shaped structures that are micron sized yet transparent when applied to skin.
Sederma highlighted their encapsulated retinol ReVitAlide™, which provides enhanced stability of retinol, making it easier to formulate with and improving bioavailability into the skin with a controlled release process. Award-winning BB-Biont™, a biomimetic peptide that smooths the appearance of skin by reducing the appearance of pockmarks, was also a feature ingredient at the show this year.

Sederma was proudly recognized as a finalist for the CEW Beauty Creators Award for Mel[o]stem™. Derived from plant cell culture, this active ingredient is the first in targeting both dark and white spots for an even complexion. Winners will be announced November 7, 2023.
Croda's Botanical Alliance comprised of Crodarom and Alban Muller showcased three new ingredients this year. Crodarom launched their brand-new innovative active ingredient PhytAura™. This combination of 4 extracts is inspired by ancient Chinese Traditional Medicine and modern science. It is designed to stimulate the body’s own regenerative mechanisms, with several proven effects: soothing & anti-redness, hydration & skin barrier protection, and skin strengthening. Zanthocare™ was also promoted for its proven balancing, protecting and soothing effects, an ideal ingredient for body care for the reduction of body odor, protection against early skin ageing and a reduction of inflammatory reactions. As a universal ingredient, Zanthocare is ideal for inclusive beauty care. Alban Muller's Padinami™ EC is a marine ingredient that reinforces the skin's youth capital thanks to its proven collagen, GAG and HA booster benefits, leaving skin firmer and more supple.

An immersive experience at the formulation bar

With Croda experts on hand, customers and attendees had the unique opportunity to experience the hair, skin, solar, and hybrid formulations for themselves. While doing this, Croda experts were available to speak about the ingredients used to create these beauty solutions. The experts included sales, business development, research and development, and even the formulators themselves! Learning about the sustainable innovations and processes used, formulation development, and the claims and testing validation had customers walking away with more knowledge and firsthand experience to the formulations. This environment created a space for thought provoking conversations that lead to new projects, new interest, and even some customers reimagining current projects!

formulation bar 

Carbon offsetting with wildflowers

After learning that planting wildflowers aids in the reduction of CO2 emissions, Croda gifted the attendees with their own wildflower seeds to plant at home. With a custom-made, 100% biodegradable bookmark, the earth-shaped seed packet in the center can be ripped off and easily planted. Croda was happy to get the word out on the benefits of wildflower planting and attendees left realizing how simple it can be to be a part of a cause. 


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