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TikTok skin care trends – what’s trending and how can we innovate to meet them?

As innovators for the Personal Care industry, Croda have been studying TikTok closely to provide insight for our technical and formulation teams to provide inspiration aligned with fast paced and quickly changing consumer needs. This blog will feature the latest TikTok skin care trends blowing up the platform right now! The skin care market is so saturated that is important that brands stand out and differentiate from the crowd to grab attention. We will cover 3 key trends important for all skin care formulators to take note of as Gen-Z consumers demand more from brands than ever before. Want to learn more about Facial Icing, Dolphin Skin and Cloud Skin? Keep reading… 
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Facial Icing 
The concept of ‘cooling’ the skin is not new, we have seen cooling claims heavily featured amongst after sun products to relieve sunburn effects on the skin. The association between ‘cooling’ and skin redness has migrated to facial care to help relieve the effects of acne, puffiness, and flushed skin. Content related to #skinicing related content currently has 11.7 million views on TikTok and is largely related to physically applying ice to the face to reduce redness and puffiness. This trend has even spread much wider than TikTok as we see outlets such as Byrdie promoting the ‘Ice Facial’ as a self-care essential in 2022; Ice on Face: Benefits of Ice Facials & How to Do at Home (


This TikTok skin care trend was no novelty as we have seen brands innovating in this area of physical application. The Contour Cube Facial Icer claims to be a skin care routine essential as a few seconds of application can tighten pores, reduce redness, puffiness as well firming, brightening and helps keep acne and spots at bay. This device is a much easier way to apply ice to the face and allows you to choose the addition of natural ingredients to the ice to give added benefits such as coconut milk for anti-aging or green tea extracts to treat inflammation. The Contour Cube gained significant traction on TikTok with 180.7k followers as the whole channel features the founder of the brand (pictured below) as their sole content creator, who doesn’t love a female founded company?


woman on TikTok showing blue contour cube


Facial icing will give instant benefits and relief from redness and puffiness but is not a solution for the long-term reduction of these skin issues. For longevity, brands should seek to include active ingredients to directly combat the skin issues relieved by skin icing such as redness. Rubistem® by Sederma fades facial redness and signs of Rosacea and is the perfect ingredient for anti-redness claims that last! Find inspiration for this ingredient in our Anti-redness Hydrogel Mask which whilst containing our anti-redness skin active, also has a cooling effect on the skin for instant relief. For anti-inflammatory claims to help calm sensitive and reactive skin, Cytokalmine™ EC by Alban Muller derived from the superfruit pomegranate has excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help protect the skin from oxidative stress commonly associated with skin redness and inflammation. To find out more about our pomegranate-derived ingredients, click here



Dolphin Skin


Healthy and radiant skin is what we all desire. There is no better feeling than getting the compliment ‘wow you are glowing’ and the dolphin skin trend is the latest extension to dewy skin, wet look skin and most recently as mentioned by Hailey Bieber ‘glazed donut skin’ (see below). This trend is most prominent in summer, consumers want the ‘fresh out the pool look’ even when not in the tropical settings of a hotel or the beach. On TikTok, there have been over 2 million views of #dolphinskin related content and have been mentions of the Dolphin Skin trend across popular beauty media outlets such as Glamour who have discussed how dolphin skin is a move away from traditional powder highlighters.


TikTok screenshot of Hailey Bieber's glazed donut skin routine


Although having dewy, glowing skin is not a new trend, Dolphin Skin is new and encompasses the method for achieving this fresh out the water looks with or without make-up. It is thought that the Dolphin Skin trend was credited to celebrity make-up artist Mary Phillips and should be a combination of both skin care routine and selecting luminous and glowing makeup products to exaggerate the look. The Pure Canvas Primer Illuminating by Laura Mercier is infused with natural extracts and micronized pearls to give a glowing base. An example of a suitable dewy finish foundation is Maybelline Fit Me Dewy & Smooth Foundation which is light, hydrating, and easily absorbs into the skin to achieve that dolphin, fresh out the water look!


Croda has developed a range of hybrid make-up formulations which is the combination of colour cosmetics with powerful active ingredients which aligns with the no make-up make-up trend as well as helping reduce the number of cosmetic products consumers have to buy to maintain their beauty routines. Our hero Dolphin Skin product is Crystalide by Sederma which was innovated as an active ingredient to create crystal-like skin. This product can be formulated into both skin care and colour cosmetic applications to create a uniform glow on the skin whilst also improving the overall skin surface quality. The After Glow Body Oil is a liquid highlighter contains Dermaxyl® and Lipexel® by Sederma which helps to repair wrinkles and reduce water loss. This oil with extensive skin care benefits leaves a dewy glow on the skin with a beautiful skin feel to be used on its own, under make-up or on top of make-up for that dramatic dolphin skin look. 


Croda Moonshine Effect Pigments After Glow Body Oil formulation

Cloud Skin

Dolphin Skin is not for everyone, especially when created with make-up, it can be quite a dramatic glam effect. Something softer and wearable is #cloudskin which has nearly 100,000 views on TikTok. This is an emerging trend and often wrongly associated with the K-beauty trend cloudless skin which refers to a clear and flawless complexion. Cloud skin is all about creating a soft-focus, diffused light look where products on the face fuse together to create a beautiful subtle glow. Although all make-up looks are created more easily with moisturised healthy skin, the cloud skin look has more of an emphasis on the make-up products used and as quoted in Elle Australia, this inner angelic glow is create using 3 different textures, dewy, glowing and matte.


Although an emerging trend on TikTok, brands have already innovated in this area. Let us look at the Cloud Complexxion Soft Touch Primer by Revolution Beauty which is marketed as an Instagram filter in a jar as it blurs and brightens skin. A senior artist at Mac, Dominic Skinner quoted in a Refinary29 article that cloud skin is all about layering oils with powder to create this multidimensional look. As opposed to a light dewy foundation to achieve dolphin skin, he suggests the Studio Fix Soft Matte Foundation Stick by Mac for a softer more buildable finish. 


 Danny Defreitas Cloud Skin Trend TikTok screenshot

 The key to any make-up look is a good base and the Gain your glow smoothing serum formulation contains our hero skin smoothing ingredient Prolevis. This light serum gives the skin a healthy soft-focus glow ready for building up a skin. Prolevis has excellent film forming properties which helps to smooth surface wrinkles and imperfections as well as tightening and firming claims at higher inclusion levels. As the skin ages, our pores naturally enlarge due to cutaneous pore enlargement phenomenon which can create uneven skin texture and would be problematic when creating the cloud skin TikTok skin care trend. Poretect™ by Sederma is a reinforces the skin structures that hold pore firm which helps to promote a satin and blurred appearance.


TikTok is dynamic and TikTok skin care trends are constantly evolving however, healthy skin is always in! Our extensive range of active ingredients allow you to formulate innovative and highly efficacious skin care formulations whatever the needs of the consumers are. As a solutions provider to the personal care industry, we want to constantly deliver on-trend innovation to our customers to help them create products for an increasingly demanding Gen-Z market who are captivated by fast-paced Tik Tok content! Like what you read? Check out our other TikTok trends blogs listed below and watch out for our other trends content in the future. 

TikTok Skin Care Trends

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