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From Skin Care to Soul Care: Top 6 emotive ingredients that unleash the essence of beauty in 2024

Who said that beauty was confined to superficial enhancements?

In an era where consumers are increasingly seeking purpose-driven products that align with their personal values, the beauty industry is undergoing a transformative evolution. It is embracing a holistic approach, encompassing emotional well-being. A harmonious blend of tradition, memories, storytelling, and natural essence has become one of the cornerstones of beauty innovation. These emotive elements not only enhance the efficacy of our cosmetic formulations but also weave a narrative that resonates with consumers on a profound level.

Croda Personal Care’s botanical specialists invite you on a journey to discover six natural ingredients packed with emotive aspects, that could well change the game in 2024, by answering major trends and meeting the expectations of your clients.

These six emotive ingredients respond to the major concepts highlighted in our study of the major trends that will drive the cosmetics industry and the world of beauty in 2024. These trends were all grouped under one term, freedom. Freedom to be completely oneself, freedom to be creative, freedom to look different, freedom to live life to the fullest, freedom to find solutions to today's problems in the past and the future...

Emotive extracts for a deep connection between cosmetics and consumers

Why are emotive ingredients so important?

Before getting to the heart of the matter with our six flagship ingredients, let's take a moment to clarify the concept of an emotive botanical ingredient. We are talking about those ingredients that transcend the traditional role of skincare and beauty, extending their influence to evoke emotions, memories, and a sense of personal connection.

The Croda range of emotive botanical extracts go beyond their performance properties to create a holistic and sensorial experience for the user. Carefully selected, they carry cultural significance, trigger nostalgic sentiments, or tell a story. In this respect, they add depth and meaning to cosmetic formulations.

Emotive cosmetic ingredients contribute to a more profound and personal connection between the product and the user. This particularly echoes with the broader trend of emotional well-being and self-expression in the beauty industry that we identified in our latest report on the beauty concepts in the spotlight in 2024. These ingredients aim to resonate with consumers on a deeper level, fostering a sense of identity, creativity, and enjoyment in their beauty rituals.

How can emotive cosmetic ingredients be aligned with freedom?

Emotional cosmetic ingredients can be associated with the theme of freedom, allowing individuals to express their unique identity and embrace their personal story through:

  • Self-Expression: Authentic ingredients with cultural heritage or captivating narratives can empower individuals to showcase their unique identities. By incorporating botanical extracts steeped in rich cultural traditions or sourced from exotic locales, cosmetic products become a tangible expression of one's individuality.
  • Creativity: Emotive ingredients can ignite the spark of creativity and imagination. Formulations that include botanicals renowned for their artistic or unconventional qualities can inspire users to venture into uncharted territories of aesthetics, lifestyle and beauty routines, fostering a sense of boundless creative freedom.
  • Customisation: Offering customisable products with a variety of emotive ingredients allows consumers to tailor their beauty routine according to their preferences and their lifestyles as they become more flexible. This freedom to personalise enhances the overall beauty experience, reflecting individual choices and lifestyles.
  • Nostalgia and Memory: Ingredients that refer to positive memories or nostalgia contribute to a sense of emotional freedom. Fragrances or textures that remind users of cherished moments provide a comforting and uplifting experience, creating a link between personal history and present self-care.
  • Natural Authenticity: Botanical extracts associated with nature and authenticity align with the desire for a more liberated and uncomplicated beauty routine. Embracing ingredients with a natural essence contributes to a feeling of freedom from synthetic additives and a return to simplicity, even minimalism.
  • Well-Being and Joy: Emotive cosmetic ingredients that promote well-being and joy contribute to the overall sense of freedom. Formulations with mood-boosting botanicals or those known for their calming effects align with the broader trend of beauty as a holistic and joyful experience, even in a time like menopause.

By incorporating emotive cosmetic ingredients, beauty products can transcend the conventional, offering users a pathway to express themselves, embrace creativity, and enjoy a beauty routine that resonates with their personal sense of freedom. As we delve into the heart of 2024, lets focus on six ingredients that are carefully curated to align with the trends we highlighted in our annual review.

Emotive ingredients for a deeper connection between body and mind

Resilience against climate change with Crodarom® Blue Lotus GL

The first beauty concept we wanted to discuss was geo-skincare. We've already devoted an entire article to this concept, but we don't think we can stress enough the need to protect our skin from the harsher weather conditions brought on by climate change.

Climate change and irregular weather affect the skin's homeostasis, and consumers are increasingly looking for skincare products designed to:

  • adapt to local climates and protect against geo-aggressors and other environmental stressors: extreme heat or cold, wind, toxic dust, UV rays, high humidity, etc.);
  • or help the skin cope more rapidly and easily with seasonal climate changes, which tend to be more abrupt and radical.

Emotive ingredients can play a great role in the composition of these climate-smart products, as they offer the powerful inspiration for resilience carried by extremophile plants. These plants have evolved to thrive in the most hostile environments - desert, high altitude, high humidity, … - and they invite us to do likewise. They are our true allies in understanding how to help the skin or the hair fight against the environmental aggressors mentioned above.

Crodarom® Blue Lotus GL is a perfect ingredient for a such source of inspiration dedicated to geo-skincare. The blue lotus, a Nymphaea species, is often found in regions with hot and humid climates, where it has developed unique adaptive mechanisms to flourish in such challenging surroundings.

As an extremophile plant, Blue Lotus embodies nature’s remarkable ability to overcome adversity and is a perfect ingredient to offer a feeling of purity and protection in hot and humid climates. This unique flower provides a great intangible value to the realm of cosmetic, through its symbolic of resilience and strength, a sense of fortitude. It truly encourages users to perceive their skin as adaptive and robust in the face of environmental challenges. Through this connection with nature, consumers are emboldened to see beauty in their own resilience.

Blue Lotus - the power of extermophile plants

Selfcare at every moment of your life with Lipidami™ Sea Fennel

Our second concept is also about facing up to changes and challenges, but here of a different nature: that of women, and their specific needs at all the different moments of their lives.

For a few years, many independent brands have been breaking down the barriers and initiating open discussions and opportunities for education about the hormonal variations encountered by women. They are helping to move society towards a democratisation of this topic, which can be taboo in many cultures, and propose specific routines are inspired by the body positive movement. Their cosmetic products provide comfort and well-being during the times of hormonal changes, over the month or over a life.

Another extremophile plant, sea fennel reassures women and inspires them to adapt and withstand change. The plant's natural habitat along coastal regions exposes it to salt water, wind and fluctuating humidity levels. This adaptability suggests its potential to offer a supportive and harmonising influence on the delicate balance of the skin, particularly in intimate areas.

Furthermore, sea fennel is rich in minerals and known for its remineralising, regenerating and restructuring properties. Lipidami™ Sea Fennel offers the potential to enable women to navigate hormonal changes with resilience and ease, just as the plant withstands the rigours of coastal climates. It gives women a feeling of fulfilment, freeing them from some of their difficulties and helping them to feel good about themselves at any time in their lives.

Make sure to also check out one of our recent botanical launches, Phytessence™ French Rose EC, another great ingredient for femcare!

Sea Fennel - Marine ingredients for more intimate comfort

A return to nightlife with Cosme-Phytami™ Kiwi EC

After too long a period marked by confinement and restrictions on our social interactions, nightlife is back with a bang. As a result, consumers are once again going out to parties, discos and festivals, and cosmetics are going with them, both to keep their skin looking fresh and radiant all night long, and to combat the damage caused by a very short night. Celebration of freedom unleash creative expression, but without excess.

While we may have seen a return to rave culture with bold, luxurious make-up based on skin that has been protected and made radiant by skincare products, let's take a look at what happens once you get home. Here, we're interested in flash care focusing on regeneration, detox and anti-fatigue for the skin, which has accumulated sweat, sebum, pollutants and make-up have accumulated.

Well-known for its high content of sugars, vitamin C and minerals that help to rehydrate and tone the skin after a short and intense night out, the kiwi fruit also offers a high content of fruit acids, for a gentle keratolytic effect eliminates residue on the skin to restore freshness and radiance.

With Cosme-Phytami™ Kiwi EC, in addition to these well-known properties, skincare products will also offer the image of freshness provided by the invigorating, fresh aroma of kiwifruit, as well as the feeling of energy associated with the bright, vibrant green colour of kiwifruit. The intangible qualities of the fruit very certainly align with the idea of boosting skin energy and radiance, what else do you need for fight the aftermath of a night out on the skin?

Kiwi - freshness and vitality for after-party skincare

Creativity in Mencare with Crodarom® Green Coffee

The notion of freedom is also sweeping through men’s skincare. The men’s grooming market is gradually evolving to embrace a more open and inclusive mindset. Gone are the days when skincare and cosmetics were solely associated with women. Today, a growing number of men are embracing a more holistic approach to their appearance, recognizing the significance of skincare and hair care in enhancing their overall well-being and self-confidence.

South Korea stands at the forefront of this evolving trend, with the country's men's skincare market generating a staggering $9.06 billion in revenue in 2024, according to a study by Statista (Global men's skincare market size by region, 2021-2025). This remarkable growth is fuelled by a pervasive desire among men to achieve a youthful, radiant complexion and maintain a healthy, vibrant appearance.

Today's men demand skincare products that deliver visible results, address their unique skin concerns, and complement their active lifestyles, providing effectiveness as well as appealing to men's evolving sensibilities.

Crodarom® Green Coffee is a great ingredient to fit men’s sensibilities. When it was introduced in Europe, coffee was recommended to fortify and stimulate the body and mind. Green coffee carries an image of strength, vigour, and vitality, but also an image of a luxury ingredient that can be like wine when it comes to specific terroirs.

Coffee, with its tantalising array of flavours and aromas, transcends the simple act of quenching thirst or offering a mental and physical boost. It also serves as a catalyst for fostering contacts and creating shared experiences. From cosy cafés to bustling cybercafés, time spent over a coffee has become a cornerstone of community life, an invitation to relax, make connections and engage in stimulating conversation.

Green Coffee - Vitality and shared experiences for mencare

Traditions sublimed by modern science with Cosme-Phytami™ Olive Leaf

In 2024, bold beauty stories are also the result of a desire to create exciting solutions and open new perspectives for skincare thanks to modern science, without forgetting our roots offered by centuries of tradition and community knowledge.

The Aura Beauty concept is the result of this determination. They offer a modernised and enhanced approach to the authenticity provided by ancestral traditions and mystical practices, thanks to today's technologies and growing scientific knowledge.

What could be more inspiring that Mediterranean beauty for this approach? Underpinned by centuries-old tales of beauty from Egyptian, Roman and Greek women, all the benefits of this approach to beauty based on natural ingredients can still be seen today throughout Southern Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

One of its main ingredients is the olive oil, a world-famous ingredient, both in nutrition and in cosmetics. If olive oil is an exceptional and versatile active ingredient that has been used for several millennia and carries with itself ancestral traditions and centuries of history, modern science has recently confirmed this empirical knowledge and extended it to all parts of the sacred tree, including olive leaves.

Cosme-Phytami™ Olive Leaf brings the richness of olive leaves in polyphenols, oleuropein and vitamin E to the realm of cosmetics, but also the cultural and symbolic importance of the olive tree in the Mediterranean area, where it represents peace, prosperity, and longevity. Its integration in skincare and haircare formulas reflects the deep connection between nature, tradition, and the holistic and time-tested well-being in the region.

Olive leaf - the inspiration from Mediterranean Beauty

Post-natural designs embracing the space age with Crodarom® Moonstone

Having looked to the past for authenticity and renewed inspiration, it's also time to look ahead to the future. And a future more than likely to be in the stars. While space tourism may only be a reality for a privileged few, new routines, new aesthetics and new formats are opening a world of innovation in cosmetics by taking a close look at the cosmos.

In this yearning for new horizons still full of mystery, we are seeing the emergence of treatments with very lunar, visually cosmic atmospheres. With a name inspired by their silvery, bluish hues, moonstones are reminiscent of moonlight and offer the whole realm of celestial cycles and mythological beliefs associated with the moon.

Crodarom® Moonstone embodies the traditional beliefs that different lunar phases have distinct effects on our emotions and overall well-being. The new moon is for example sometimes linked to a period of reflection and calmness, which is found in moonstone as a symbol of health and harmony of the body and mind.

While the moon does play a role in Earth's natural cycles, such as tides, its influence on individual well-being is still a topic of exploration and holds a major place in celestial and mystical beauty.

Moonstone - Inspiration for celestial beauty


This concludes our tour of some of the emotional ingredients that could change the game in 2024. We hope this article from our botanical experts here at Croda has inspired you and we look forward to working with you on new projects. 

While we wish you a year 2024 rich in emotion and performance, keep an eye out for our review of fashionable beauty concepts for 2025, it’s coming soon!

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