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Video Marketing the key to creating exciting accessible Personal Care content

Video marketing has taken the world by storm, for consumers and industry alike. Following one of the most challenging periods to date, however, video is set to become even more popular than before! 

As consumers, we are all watching more and more video content, with a 19% increase in daily viewing time from 2019-2021 according to Smart Insights.

Here, we’re going to look at why video is fast becoming an integral part of any promotional toolkit, but also how we’ve taken inspiration from the beauty industry in using videos to creatively showcase our personal care ingredients and formulations.

Video is more engaging

Video is no longer a nice to have and rightly so! I think we would all agree that when trying to research, discover or learn about something, we’d opt for a 2–3-minute video over a 2-page document any day of the week (excluding this article of course…). But it’s more than that – videos engage and appeal to more of our senses than any other form of online content, requiring more of our attention, but for a much shorter period. Video marketing is a way to make information more accessible and easier to consume, with viewers likely retaining 95% of the message, compared with just 10% from written communications according to Forbes2.

Looking to the beauty industry for inspiration 

Personal Care is a highly visual industry, providing inspiration in abundance for making content engaging and accessible. With literally billions of beauty-focused videos uploaded onto YouTube, there is so much to be learned from their success, with tutorials, step-by-step guides and vloggers leading the way.

The evolution of social platforms and online engagement has really challenged us to find new ways of developing visually impactful content, whilst still maintaining the right tone and level of detail.

Getting creative with video content to showcase formulation and ingredient expertise!

We are always looking for novel ways to showcase our ingredients and formulations, especially in an ‘easy to consume’ format that makes it accessible to all. Having tried to broaden the scope of our innovation, to move with the times and appeal to new digital-first audiences, we have looked to those beauty bloggers and experts to provide creative inspiration for delivering purposeful content and have not been disappointed with the results. 

Whether you’re looking for market insights, ingredient innovation, or formulation inspiration, the two videos highlighted below are sure to pique your interest. These are my top picks, but if they don’t quite hit the spot, then there is a whole catalogue of fun and lively video content on our YouTube channel for you to explore at your leisure. 


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  • Emily Heward Marketing Manager

Croda's Three Steps to Happy Hands

This was not only one of my favourite campaigns, but one of my favourite bits of content from the last 12 months. This cosmetic formulation video is part of the popular ‘Beauty Undefined’ campaign, that showcases novel formulation inspiration concepts in a fun and lively way. Three Steps to Happy Hands focuses on how you can wash, care, and treat your hands to keep them in good condition. The video takes us through the three-step routine for taking care of your hands, in a simple yet effective way, whilst still getting the key concepts across. If you would like to discover more about novel formulation concepts to meet evolving consumer needs, then why not explore more about Beauty Undefined. 
Discover Beauty Undefined

Nutrinvent Balance™ - Cleaner Hair, for Longer!

This cosmetic ingredient video gets a little bit more technical, but I still think it provides the information in a visual way. Plus, it gets across the same level of information in less than 3 minutes, that you would spend maybe 30 minutes or more reading about – a worthy time saving? It was for me…..
This video focuses on a novel encapsulate ingredient, designed to keep hair looking cleaner for longer. It is jam packed with useful information, trends concepts and how the ingredient works, but in an easy to digest format, and the accompanying visuals should help in making it easier to understand quickly – a win/win situation for sure!
If this has captured you attention, then why not check out our blog article on Nutrinvent Balance that provides more detail on this new technology.
Discover Nutrinvent Balance



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