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Water conscious beauty - sustainable personal care formulation

 According to market-research firm, Mintel, Beauty and Personal Care Trends 2025 , Water is set to become a precious commodity as consumption outstrips supply. The more consumers become aware of this, the more beauty brands will need to change how they manufacture and formulate products to limit their dependence on water. With increasing concern over clean water, water shortages and being mindful of personal practices, brands and consumers alike have become considerably more aware of the importance of water conservation both, within their beauty products and daily routines.

Waterless is trending to become a front-runner in beauty formulations  as it combines sustainability, convenience and more concentrated products that can optimise a formulation. These formulations may include solid bar formats, powders, oils and oil-based sticks, creams and balms.

In keeping with trend, Croda offers a variety of formulations with waterless formats using chassis ingredients, market-leading actives and botanical extracts.

Croda's new and naturally waterless Nourishing Hair Block is a fun, travel-friendly and sustainable shampoo and conditioning bar that serves as the perfect companion for beauty on-the-go! The Lemon Ice Make Up Remover Balm is water conscious and promotes high moisturising benefits. The bright and playful Shape and Play Cleansing Sand is naturally a waterless cleansing sand that can be used on your face or body.

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  • Christina Richardson Marketing Associate

Water-Conscious Toolkit – Inspiration for Waterless Formulating

Waterless formulation inspiration for Beauty and Personal Care
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