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Welcome to the Croda Personal Care blog! Each week we will be provided blog content from our global team presenting you the latest industry news, trending topics, new innovations and much more. We will bring you closer to our experts in sales, technical and marketing who will share their thoughts and opinions on topics shaping the beauty and personal care industry. 
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brunette woman hairstyling tools

Hairstyling is back—along with increased socialising and appreciation for aesthetic

The resurgence of hairstyling is upon us! Thanks to lessening COVID-19 restrictions and warmer weather, people are itching to get out and about more than ever. The desire to get done up is stronger...

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Colourful woman

Beauty Trends 2023 : new concepts for successful personal care products

Let’s discover in this blog article the new beauty trends for 2023 and get inspired by new concepts and consumer insights presented by Crodarom and Alban Muller.

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Hands holding oil palm fruit

How sustainable palm helps decrease deforestation

Palm is a hot topic in the Personal Care industry as many brands search for alternatives due to concerns about deforestation. But boycotting palm is not the answer – sustainable palm is.

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woman touching face applying skin cream with eyes closed

What is skinimalism?

Skinimalism is taking over and less is now more. Consumers ditch their long, multi-step routines for an effective minimalist beauty routine.

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L'Oreal curl classification

SensaLuxe DF: a sustainable and inclusive ingredient for dry hair conditioning

Discover our new data for our naturally derived and biodegradable emollient, SensaLuxe DF, that enhances the condition of a wide range of hair types in its dry state to be smoother, softer and more...

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Asian woman filming TikTok video on phone

TikTok Skin Care trends – What’s trending and how can we innovate to meet them?

Learn more about how Dolphin Skin, Facial Icing and Cloud skin are dominating the skin care market and how these TikTok Skin Care trends can be part of our next cosmetic innovation.

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woman browsing aisle in supermarket

Formulating cosmetics for the conscious consumer

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the rise of conscious consumerism and mindful consumption. Conscious consumers have a holistic approach to purchasing decisions with specific expectations from...

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 woman with beautiful skin surrounded by peptides for skin

Peptides for Skin: the key to a successful cosmetic product!

In this blog article, you will find out what peptides are and why they are so successfully used in the cosmetics industry. You will also learn about the beauty benefits peptides can bring and...

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What's Your Purpose Logo

‘What’s Your Purpose?’ Discover how sustainability is evolving the Personal Care industry with Mintel

In our first episode of ‘What’s Your Purpose?’, our new Beauty Care Sustainability podcast, we spoke about sustainability trends with Andrew McDougall, Mintel’s Director of Beauty and Personal Care...

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woman applying hand cream

How to get formulators and consumers speaking the same sensory language using syntax and semantics

Croda sensory expert, Dr Jasmine Leong, explores how the sensory language associated with formulating skin care products can differ between technical aesthetics (or syntax) and consumer adjectives (or...

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sulphates in personal care industry myth busting logo

Sulphates in the Personal Care industry - myth busting

Sulphates have acquired a negative consumer perception in recent years and, as a result, can carry some negative connotations. But why are these ingredients demonised in the mind of consumers, and...

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Purposeful Beauty Logo

Introducing Purposeful Beauty™

Introducing ‘Purposeful Beauty’ – the newly formed identity that will cover our Personal Care sustainability initiatives. Through Purposeful Beauty, we have made it our mission to create ethical and...

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beautiful asian female with dramatic makeup

How TikTok colour cosmetic trends are influencing the Generation Z beauty industry

The upcoming Generation Z beauty industry is undeniably shaped by TikTok makeup trends arising from content creators and TikTok influencers. Learn the latest colour cosmetic trends and how our...

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resilient woman

Resilient beauty and the consumer desire to ‘bounce back’ in 2022

The pandemic introduced the notion of resilience to many consumers, and they now have greater appreciation of the impact their choices can have on their hair and skin. They are empowered to find...

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"Old" Women with flowers around her

Menopausal women

In this blog, you will find out what menopause is, what are the consequences on the skin and what solutions can bring cosmetics. Indeed, menopause is a new challenge for women and cosmetic brands are...

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Person holding personal care waterless formulation bar

Water conscious beauty

Waterless beauty has become one of the most prominent trends within the personal care industry today as consumers continue to take conscious steps towards more sustainable routines. As a result, the...

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two women working in the lab

Sun care formulation development mistakes

Sun care is known to be one of the most difficult areas of cosmetic formulation development, especially when formulating natural sun care with Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. This blog covers the top...

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tiktok beauty trends banner image

TikTok beauty trends

Beauty brands are using TikTok to inspire their newest innovations to the market. Learn about the power of influencer marketing, and how to create a TikTok strategy that is beneficial to your beauty...

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headshot of farahdia edourad

International Women’s Day 2022 – Celebrating how our women in chemistry support women around the globe

Happy International Women’s Day! Learn how our women in chemistry support women across the world and how at Croda we work together to forge a sustainable, progressive community that actively provides...

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young woman pink hair care formulation

Hair shine and colour vibrancy: a unique methodology to validate hair care formulations

Luscious, shiny hair is at the top of most consumers’ wish lists when it comes to their beauty care routine and is an important visual indicator that their hair is in good condition. Learn more about...

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