CRODAROM, the French subsidiary of the Croda Group is the botanical extraction specialist for more than 35 years. Botanicals can contain a lot of phytoactives such as proteins, polysaccharides, flavonoids, anthocyans, vitamins, terpenes and phenolics compounds.

Crodarom offers the creative formulator a safe and effective way to enhance the “natural appeal” of cosmetics and personal care products using plants originated from all parts of the world.

As no technology is universal, the company adapts its process to each raw material and evaluates what solvents and technology must be used to capture the best and the most precious of the plant.

Crodarom carefully analyses all combinations parameters (Solvents, temperature, extraction time, actives of interest, botanical tissue, granulometry) in order to select the more efficient technology and can also adapt its process to customers specifications.