Vegetable oils are rich in natural triglycerides of higher saturated or unsaturated fatty acids. They are commonly used in cosmetics serving as cosmetic base for daily care of the face and body. As fatty acids are one of the key components of skin surface lipids, the oils help prevent water loss through skin, mainly by means of making a protective layer on the epidermis. Additionally, they soften the skin and have a role in barrier repair*.


Typically, vegetable oils that contain mono-saturated and poly-unsaturated fatty acids are unstable from an oxidation standpoint. It is challenging to maintain the oils’ oxidation stability as they easily become rancid when the oils are exposed to oxygen or are hydrolysed where free fatty acids are formed. Rancidity is an uncontrollable process and the problem could lead to inconsistent quality in the oils and affect the fragrance or scent system in finished products. As a result, the oils’ practical use level is limited in formulation for the consumer to experience the real texture and nourishment effect coming from the natural oils.


Cropure™ Natural Oils are a range of high-purity natural triglycerides that are distinguished by their light colour and nearly odourless attributes. The oils have high stability against rancidity which sets them apart from conventional cosmetic oils. Such high purity is achieved by Croda’s proprietary Super Refined™ process.


The Super Refined process optimises the oils’ purity, stability and quality without altering the fundamental triglyceride and fatty acids profile. It is a unique way to unlock the power of these natural oils for cosmetic use.

*Reference: “Optimisation of Physiological Lipid Mixtures for Barrier Repair” MAN, FEINGOLD, THORNFELDT, ELIAS, The Society for Investigative Dermatology, Inc. 1096-1101