Croda’s Bouncy Eye Shimmer provides an exceptional sensory experience, transforming from a bouncy balm into a lightweight shimmer.

The springy texture of this fun formulation is achieved using the rheology modifier ViscOptima™ LV, whilst Cropure™ Meadowfoam helps to impart a rich, non-greasy and nourishing skin feel. The inclusion of Sederma’s Beautifeyehelps to lift the upper eyelid and diminish crow’s feet wrinkles, whilst Croda’s OleoCraft™ HP-31 aids water and wear resistance. The fantastic suspension properties of Croda’s Moonshine™ Effect Pigments ensure an evenly distributed sparkle.

Driven by social media and boundary breaking beauty bloggers, the Genderless Beauty movement is changing the way both brands and the consumer perceive gender in society. Gender stereotypes are beginning to dissolve, and as such, unisex beauty is growing in popularity. Croda’s Bouncy Eye Shimmer fits this movement with ease, being a fun formulation for all.