This waterless blush with Majestem® Drypure™ uses only naturally derived ingredients and is the perfect way to be 'virtual catchup' ready! As we are adapting to our 'new normal', self-care has never been more important! This creamy beige blush transforms to a rose-coloured powder upon application, providing a sun-kissed natural matte effect for the consumer, no matter the gender.

Not only will this formulation provide beautiful colour to the skin, but it naturally brings anti-ageing benefits. Majestem® Drypure™ is a pure lyophilised plant cell culture extract, that lifts the skin, smoothing lines and wrinkles. Fruitliquid™ Apple EC brings hydrating and toning properties to support the anti-ageing action. The inclusion of the emollients Crodamol™ SSA, Crodamol™ GTCC and Crodamol™ ISIS  help provide a light and soft texture. Solaveil™ XTP-1 is used in this formulation to provide UVA and UVB protection from one single active component.

This Natural WOW Blush formulation contains minimal ingredients, all of which conform to the COSMOS Natural standard and can be used cold process. Use this Natural WOW blush to help protect your skin against time and sun damage for a majestic beauty.