The Nourishing Hair Block is a fun, travel-friendly and sustainable shampoo and conditioning bar that serves as the perfect companion for beauty on-the-go!

As consumers become increasingly reluctant to use  “single use” plastics, there is a movement towards more sustainable options, and shampoo bars fit right in! Shampoo bars offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional shampoo bottles, as they do not require plastic packaging and can easily be wrapped in recyclable materials such as paper or cardboard. They also may last longer than conventional shampoos. This makes for an all-around more sustainable, both cost and eco-frinedly, option to traditional shampoo formats. 

This formulation provides gentle cleansing and effective conditioning, leaving hair soft, smooth and moisturised. The raised bumps on this innovative brick lightly massage the scalp. Crodex™ M is a mild, scalp-friendly emulsifying wax that forms the foundation of this formulation whilst Crodarom’s Phytolea™ Prickly Pear offers anti-oxidant, moisturising and smoothing properties. The inclusion of Sederma’s award-winning Apiscalp™ fights against dandruff, itching and dryness to leave hair healthy-looking. 

The Nourishing Hair Block is sure to appeal to children and adults of all ages with both cleansing and conditioning properties all-in-one!