Add a little fun to your routine with this formulation that can be shaped and moulded as you please!

This bright, playful cleansing sand will appeal to kids and adults of all ages. For use on the face or body, this sandy formula includes ViscOptima™ SE to ensure a stable formulation. Upon addition of water, the sand which has a mild exfoliating action, melts into a milky lotion to gently cleanse the skin and leave a soft smooth feel. This formulation includes the 100% naturally derived NatraGem™ S140 NP, a versatile solubiliser and effective cleanser with proven counter irritancy benefits. Phytolea™ Lime is also 100% naturally derived and can clean and tone the skin, leaving it feeling sparkling with energy. This formulation can be personalised with the addition of actives from Sederma, for example Sebuless to mattify and equalise the tone of oily skin or Lipexel to aid maximum hydration.

The rise of K-Beauty raised awareness of transformative textures in personal care products, with a focus on efficacy and fun. These innovative textures are increasingly popular, offering a multi-sensory experience while combining several benefits within the same product.

The Shape and Play cleansing sand is a great example of the transformative textures trend coming to life. Unleash your inner child with this sensational formulation!