Wave goodbye to bad hair days with Croda’s Solid Styling Balm!

This fun formula was created to suit most hair types as well as being in line with the clean beauty movement. Sederma’s Apiscalp™ helps to care for the scalp in fighting against dandruff and dryness, while the inclusion of Crodarom’s Avocadin™ HU25 enhances moisturisation to preserve the hair’s youthfulness. Cropure™ Mango Butter is rich in natural fatty acids, providing moisturising and nourishing qualities. This in combination with the use of shea butter is the perfect recipe for keeping your hair in tip-top shape! If you are having a bad hair day, Solid Styling Balm has you covered!

The formulation has been developed into handy circular tabs that allow for easy use – just allow a small amount to melt between the fingers and apply to the hair. Not only is the ingredient list minimal, but the formula is waterless. The Solid Styling Balm is the perfect travel companion to keep your hair styled and manageable in any situation.