Croda's Thermoreversible Wash Off Gel Pack is a unique, liquid-to-gel, formulation that cools your skin in the hot summer season, or after sun exposure!


This formulation exhibits a liquid form when stored in the refrigerator at around 4 - 10°C and upon application to the skin, transforms into a crystal-clear, thick gel. Croda’s Synperonic™ PE/F 87 allows for the formation of the thermoreversible gel. Crodarom’s Phytessence™ Kudzu is rich in isoflavones and exhibits anti-ageing properties, helping the skin to look firmer and more youthful. Hydraprotectol™ SP acts as a long-lasting and in-depth hydrator, but can be swapped with other actives to create a formulation with a focus on different benefits. For example, Sederma's OptimHyal™ can be included for anti-ageing, Crystalide™ for radiance, or Citystem™ to detox. 


Transformative textures in personal care products have become increasingly important as they offer multi-sensorial experiences, whilst combining several benefits within the same product. The Thermoreversible Wash Off Gel Pack will surely deliver the 'wow factor' that captures attention and provides a playful unique experience.