Croda's Transformative Multi-Use Cleanser is the go-to product for convenience and functionality!

Multi-purpose products have been taking the Personal Care Industry by storm and the Transformative Multi-Use Cleanser offers a single solution for multiple skin care needs. This transformative, unisex formulation uses minimal ingredients and can be used on skin of all ages and types. Whether it be a luxurious cleanser, a quick-wash off solution, or even a pre-shave gel, this product is sure to be a staple in bathrooms for the whole family! 

The unique sensory of this formula starts as a clear gel, transforms into a gentle oil when applied to the skin, and finally becomes a milk when water is added. The product cleanses and easily rinses away impurities upon contact with water, thanks to the kind-to-skin emulsifier Cithrol™ 10GTIS. OleoCraft™ HP-31 gives the formulation its gel structure and Lipexel™ counteracts the impact shaving and cleansing can have by restoring the skin’s natural lipidic film and provides optimal hydration. Phytessence™ Margosa contains limonoids, polyphenols and volatile cyclic sulphides which help to provide anti-bacterial benefits to the skin.

The Transformative Multi-Use Cleanser provides a versatile cleansing experience with the convenience of less time, less water and less clutter.