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Personal Care

Maintain Your Mane Moisturizing Conditioner

Keep your hair looking youthful and healthy with this moisturizing and replenishing conditioner. Mature hair can become dry and thinner, leaving it dull, brittle, and more prone to breakage. CRODAZOQUAT™ MCC delivers excellent conditioning on various ethnic hair types, restores hydrophobicity to hair, improves hair aesthetics and delivers a consumer perceivable feel improvement. CUTISSENTIAL™ BEHENYL 18-MEA replenishes the primary lipid of the hair, restoring the integrity of the hair surface and adding lubricity and shine to help it regain its healthy appearance. KERAVIS™ strengthens hair for increased resistance to breakage. HAIRSPA™ restores the microflora balance and provides a long lasting moisturizing effect on the scalp.
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Formulation details


  • Hair care - Conditioners - Rinse off

Phase type

  • Multiple phase dispersed


  • Creamy


  • Cream


  • Opaque


  • China approved (IECIC)

Consumer benefit

  • Conditioning
  • Detangling
  • Moisturising
  • Strengthening


  • USA
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