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Personal Care

Croda Plex System - Step 2

Formulated for salon use, the Croda Plex System is a three-step system designed to build bonds and improve hair integrity during the bleaching or colouring process. Applied after the Step 1 and colouring or bleaching treatment has been rinsed, Step 2 should be left in the hair for 10 minutes prior to rinsing. Step 2 is a critical finishing step of bond-building systems that occurs in the salon, while Step 3 is a take-home maintenance product that is recommended for weekly use. Containing high performance ingredients working in synergy, Step 2 is designed to strengthen, condition and improve the aesthetics of hair in addition to providing damage protection. Keravis™ PE penetrates the hair cuticle, building strength from within for optimal strength benefits. With a proven softening effect, Crodazosoft™ DBQ defends against cuticle abrasion and protects artificial hair colour. Arlasilk™ PLN delivers excellent colour lock benefit and imparts a long-lasting, silky feel to hair. The heat activated cuticle defence of Crodasone™ P protects against cuticle cracking. Enabling conditioning on hair of various ethnicities, Crodazoquat™ MCC restores hydrophobicity and improves hair aesthetics. KeraDyn™ HH conditions and restores healthy hair dynamics. Crodamol™ STS, a non-silicone emollient, adds shine.
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Formulation details


  • Hair care - Conditioners - Rinse off

Phase type

  • Multiple phase dispersed


  • Creamy


  • Cream


  • Opaque


  • N/A

Consumer benefit

  • Conditioning
  • Repair
  • Strengthening


  • USA
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